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JADE: well wherever it is...
JADE: im kinda wondering if
JADE: maybe i should be waking up soon?
JADE: i feel like my friends are probably going to need me
CALLIOPE: you can't wake up just yet.
JADE: why?
CALLIOPE: it's not time.
CALLIOPE: not where your physical form is, at least.
JADE: where my physical form is?
JADE: then...
JADE: what about here?
CALLIOPE: what about here?
JADE: argh
JADE: sorry
JADE: this time stuff is really confusing
CALLIOPE: you're a space player.
JADE: yeah
JADE: i mean
JADE: if its not the right time to wake up where im sleeping...
JADE: how long do i have to wait HERE in order to wake up?
CALLIOPE: the correlation between the passage of time in the furthest ring and any given physical location is tenuous.
CALLIOPE: the measurement of time here is inseparable from the physical passage through its knotted space.
CALLIOPE: those two aspects are closely woven together here, to such an extent that they are barely separable.
CALLIOPE: all aspects are.
JADE: really?
JADE: all of them??
JADE: i understand how this place has time and space of course.... even if they work together weirdly
JADE: but
JADE: i dont see any of the others
CALLIOPE: one doesn't see abstractions.
CALLIOPE: not directly.
JADE: ...
JADE: oh
CALLIOPE: each opposing pair is in balance throughout this field so as to form a stable canvas.
CALLIOPE: though the canvas becomes less stable with each crack in the field, ordinarily one would never directly observe its constituent forces.
CALLIOPE: the canvas would seem smooth from afar, but up close, as it were, the tapestry is circuitously woven.
CALLIOPE: the aspects, while remaining in balance, interfere with each other. they interlock and intertwine.
CALLIOPE: so neither space nor time functions linearly, nor are they conventionally measurable.
JADE: wow
JADE: i am not sure i totally understand...
JADE: but that is pretty interesting!
CALLIOPE: you are predisposed to find the nuances of space intriguing.
CALLIOPE: and since its opposing aspect is more related than you perhaps have realized, the challenges of understanding it are more compelling to you than you realize as well.
JADE: yeah i guess so
JADE: physics are all about space and time and such which are fun to think about
JADE: i like all that stuff!
JADE: so youre saying space and time... and all other aspects i guess... are more closely related here than in like
JADE: umm...
JADE: more stable places, like my universe?
CALLIOPE: they are less distinct from each other here, yes.
JADE: you said passage of time is inseparable from...
JADE: traveling through space?
JADE: so if we were holding still
JADE: time wouldnt be moving either?
CALLIOPE: that is correct, in a way.
CALLIOPE: though motion itself is not the absolute process it is in a more conventional medium.
CALLIOPE: the measurement of motion requires stable features for comparison.
CALLIOPE: of which there are very few in the furthest ring, typically.
CALLIOPE: the more cracks that appear, ironically, the more the ring begins to stabilize, at least in a spatial and temporal sense.
JADE: i see
JADE: so
JADE: if the cracks werent there
JADE: how...
JADE: how would we be able to tell if we were moving?
CALLIOPE: motion through the twisted space is not gauged by passing landmarks, but anchored to a particular destination.
CALLIOPE: destination is an idea maintained by the traveler.
CALLIOPE: ideas are subtle composites of various aspects.
CALLIOPE: without clear understanding of destination, motion becomes less discernible.
CALLIOPE: with less discernible motion, passage of time becomes less measurable.
CALLIOPE: at a standstill, time loses meaning, and can seem to stretch on forever, as all events throughout reality swirl around you in no particular order.
CALLIOPE: one becomes isolated from all else. imprisoned by inertia.
JADE: hmmmm
JADE: that is pretty cool too
JADE: i love spacey stuff!
JADE: you talk about it in a neat way
JADE: it kinda seems like you are trying to educate me on this
JADE: like a teacher or something :)
CALLIOPE: of course that is what i'm doing.
JADE: oh
JADE: heh

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