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ROXY: hes meditating
JOHN: what? meditating??
KANAYA: Inside A Pretty And Spiritual Cave
ROXY: echidna really blitzed his chakras apparently
JOHN: what the fuck is a chakra.
ROXY: shrug
ROXY: some soul junk that gets blitzed in the presence of a snake goddess??
JOHN: um.
JOHN: this doesn't sound like something karkat would do.
JOHN: are you sure this isn't some sort of bullshit?
KANAYA: Its Definitely True And Not Bullshit Lets Change The Topic
ROSE: Agreed.
ROSE: I think I speak for all of us when I say we've indulged in entirely enough bullshit already.
ROSE: Let's get on with this.
ROSE: John, you're our leader. And if you try to deny that one more time, so help me god, I will acrobatically pirouette so hard off this lilypad, I'll perform a supersonic swan dive through Skaia and impregnate the battlefield with my own incredulous torso.
ROSE: Now please tell us what to do.
JOHN: wow, ok! i won't say i'm not your leader anymore, jeez.
JOHN: i think it's about time to get going!
JOHN: by my estimation, all the bad guys should be getting here any minute.
JOHN: so we should go find the condesce and ambush her.
JOHN: she's supposed to be on derse, right?
ROXY: yup
JOHN: alright, then let's go.
JOHN: i think we are as ready as we are going to get.
JOHN: we all have weapons, cool powers, a plan of attack, and most importantly of all, each other.
JOHN: never forget, team work is our secret weapon here.
JOHN: probably the most powerful weapon we have!
JOHN: second ONLY, perhaps, to the power of friendship itself.
JOHN: remember that, guys.
JOHN: as long as we have team work, friendship, and cool powers on our side, we can't lose.
JOHN: you are my best friends ever... rose and roxy, and kanaya and terezi, and dave and jade and karkat, and also jane and dirk and jake, and...
ROSE: John.
JOHN: hold on, rose, i'm almost done...
JOHN: and callie, and tavros, and cat rose, and um, the sweaty guy, uh, PROBABLY not the clown in the fridge though... oh, yeah, and even probably vriska.
JOHN: oh, and the mayor! he's great too.
JOHN: did i miss anybody? i think that's it.
JOHN: anyway, i believe in you all, and i know we can do this together.
JOHN: now let's go kick some ass!
ROXY: mmm thas good shit
ROXY: very leadery :)
ROSE: ...
JOHN: how was that, rose?
ROSE: I don't know what I expected.
JOHN: huh?
JOHN: wait, did i say something dumb?
ROSE: No, it was fine.
ROSE: Roxy's right. It was very leadery. Very... "John".
ROSE: I'm just wondering now, if you're really going to embrace this business of leadership,
ROSE: Maybe you'd consider hiring a speech writer?
JOHN: a speech writer??
JOHN: i dunno, rose. i think i'd be pretty bad at memorizing speeches.
JOHN: especially ones YOU wrote. :p
ROSE: Touché.

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