[A6A6I5] ====>

JOHN: hey, roxy...
JOHN: what are you doing with that sword?
ROXY: what this?
JOHN: yes.
ROXY: it was um
ROXY: sorta my improvised grave stone deal but i guess became kind a meaningless when my cat robbed the grave
ROXY: so i figured i might as well go nab it again
ROXY: why let a cool sword go to waste??
ROXY: u know my boy di-stri would not approve
JOHN: that's true, i guess.
JOHN: is that why you took it out of the stone slab thingy in the first place?
ROXY: kinda
ROXY: that was different
JOHN: how?
ROXY: back when i first saw it on your blue planet
ROXY: that was when i just lost all my friends and i thought for a while they all might be gone for good
ROXY: and i saw the sword pokin out of there and it reminded me of dirk
ROXY: it reminded me of everyone we just said goodbye to
ROXY: even if that only turned out to be temporary
ROXY: i dunno what it meant to people before i came along
ROXY: but to me it was a symbol
ROXY: of all the people who didnt make it as far as we did
ROXY: so i stole it
ROXY: see
ROXY: im a goddamn rogue
ROXY: i TAKE shit
ROXY: and now ima take back from the WITCH
ROXY: everything she stole that shoulda been ours
ROXY: promise of a better life
ROXY: a future for humanity and trolls alike
ROXY: all that shit
ROXY: im going to swipe its lack
ROXY: and make it all start being a thing again
ROXY: lets never let all that stop from being a thing ever again
ROXY: k guys???
JOHN: yeah!!!
KANAYA: Okay Yeah
KANAYA: Im Sure That Possibly All Made Sense Good Speech

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