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JADE: then um
JADE: what am i supposed to do when i wake up?
CALLIOPE: by then, the fight should be over.
CALLIOPE: assuming your friends were successful, you must use your abilities to seed the new universe with your new home.
CALLIOPE: that is all.
JADE: thats it???
JADE: but i want to help them all with the fight!
JADE: it sounds dangerous....
JADE: and i have all these powers!
JADE: really GOOD powers
JADE: maybe even... the BEST powers?
CALLIOPE: yes, they are the best powers.
JADE: so why cant i just wake up and USE them??
CALLIOPE: powers such as yours are a great asset, but in time, become an even greater liability.
CALLIOPE: that is why you sleep.
JADE: i dont understand!
CALLIOPE: you will not be able to control them for the purpose of your mission.
CALLIOPE: you are barely in control of your most modest capabilities.
CALLIOPE: you are still quite young, and your kind is soft.
CALLIOPE: the ability to absolutely dominate is better housed in a being designed for seclusion, singularity of purpose, and remorseless resolve.
CALLIOPE: it is too much for one like you.
JADE: ...
JADE: youre probably right
JADE: actually, its
JADE: scary to think about sometimes
CALLIOPE: it won't be a problem for much longer.
JADE: huh?
CALLIOPE: it's not your concern.
CALLIOPE: until then, you may want to appreciate the final moments of intimate connection to this continuum's supreme source of power.
JADE: ... how
CALLIOPE: that's up to you.
CALLIOPE: if you must have advice, i will give you some similar to that i gave your other space-playing friend.
CALLIOPE: i told her to live, where before she had not.
CALLIOPE: so too, you are similarly imprisoned by various inertias.
CALLIOPE: these weigh on you.
CALLIOPE: you are a child, belonging to a race for which that distinction is understood to correspond with experiences of "enjoyment."
CALLIOPE: perhaps you should try to have,
CALLIOPE: "fun."

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