[A6A6I5] ====>

JADE: youre alive!
JADE: and... very different :o
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < its davepeta actually
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < and yeah i am different!
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < got this whole other person mixed up in me
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < her name was nepeta
JADE: ohh...
JADE: wow!!!
JADE: im so happy to see you, even if you have gone through some uh... pretty big changes!
JADE: so what are you doing here?
JADE: are you asleep too?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < nah im awake
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < and like "actually here" and stuff
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < guess i just decided to fly away up to the sun like a fucking piece of garbage after all
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < like i always said i would
JADE: haha
JADE: you did?
JADE: i dont remember that
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < yeah i said stuff like that sometimes
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < jade i used to be fairly depressed
JADE: yeah...
JADE: well i DO remember that
JADE: you seem to be in pretty high spirits now though :)
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < yes im doing fucking phenomeownal
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < but fur real im not actually here to visit this sun
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < i flew here as a point of reference to get my bearings
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < im actually on my way to go fight lord english
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < have you s33n him
JADE: no
JADE: ive spent the last... however long, hiding from him actually
JADE: with calliope
JADE: shes my new friend!
JADE: well, i guess one of two new friends by that name, technically
JADE: one of them is presumably back with our friends now
JADE: the other just... quite literally flew away up to the sun
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < like a fucking piece of garbage???
JADE: she is quite dignified and aloof as a matter of fact
JADE: i sincerely doubt she has ever done ANYTHING like a piece of garbage
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < ok heheheh
JADE: anyway if you want to find him
JADE: i would guess all you have to do is follow his trail of destruction
JADE: see the cracks?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < oh yeah
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < good point
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < guess i could sniff him out
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < except i dont know what he smells like
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < but i guess i do know what some people who will be NEAR him smell like
JADE: like who?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < vwiskers, for one!
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < also supposedly a staggering dick ton of ghosts
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < ill just smell around for where the ghosts are all at
JADE: sounds like a good plan!
JADE: jeez dave i...
JADE: or davepeta rather
JADE: i missed you so much :(
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < sorry harley
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < id say i missed you too but it was barely a day ago i last saw you
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < this version of me i mean
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < i made it all the way through the thr33 year voyage with you
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < guess the one who made the trip with you wasnt so lucky huh
JADE: no
JADE: he and john died not long after we departed
JADE: i was so lonely
JADE: but i dont feel too bad now that i know it all worked out, and their deaths were just part of something bigger going on
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < right johns absurd time hoppy mission
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < so fuckin glad some non dave dude could finally grab the reins on the time travel bs
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < and i guess im purrsonally so grateful to him because without his succession of handwavey dorkstunts i wouldnt have become davepeta which is literally the best thing either of us has ever b33n!
JADE: thats great!
JADE: its so nice to see youre happy now
JADE: even if technically i never got to be a part of that journey for you
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < but you did
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < ive got a lot of different dave memories in me and theyre all part of who i am now
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < including the memories you contributed to
JADE: oh...
JADE: cool!
JADE: so what were things like in the timeline youre from?
JADE: how was our trip together?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < it was good mostly
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < kinda turbulent i guess
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < but that was mostly on account of me being a miserable bird douche
JADE: haha
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < oh also we dated for a while
JADE: omg
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < it was nice for a while but then i put a stop to that
JADE: why?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < s33 again: bird douche
JADE: wow
JADE: i cant believe i missed this :(
JADE: even if it didnt go that well
JADE: its still something i would have gladly taken over the loneliness of that trip
JADE: i cant even say how much i thought about you both
JADE: and to hear that you and i actually...
JADE: *sniff*
JADE: im sorry dave...
JADE: davepeta...
JADE: i guess calliope is right, this must be part of my path
JADE: as a space player... someone who "falls back" as she said
JADE: maybe being pushed aside by fate, and like
JADE: being deprived of important people and experiences
JADE: no matter how painful it is, or how much you feel like you need them
JADE: i guess thats just how it goes for us
JADE: i think i never appreciated how much of a burden your aspect was to you
JADE: but i think im starting to get it now
JADE: it just took a long time to figure out what mine really meant
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < so THATS what space means?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < bein lonely??
JADE: thats a bit of an oversimplification!
JADE: but i think that can be one of the results of gaining a deeper understanding of it
JADE: or becoming connected to it more...
JADE: i dunno, this stuff is all pretty mysterious :p
JADE: i dont have it all figured out yet obviously
JADE: i just feel pretty sad that as i get closer to understanding my abilities and true nature
JADE: it apparently means being deprived of some important experiences
JADE: like i get closer to my aspect, but further away from everyone i love, and further from...
JADE: feeling like a person?
JADE: its just a really empty feeling after a while
JADE: empty like...
JADE: space i guess
JADE: heh

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