turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering gardenGnostic [GG] at 2009-04-12 -- 23:14

TG: hey
TG: oh
TG: youre asleep again arent you
TG: or do you even know if you are
TG: i still dont know how that works
TG: its like nothing means anything
TG: its so cool getting hella chumped by your coquettish damn riddles all the time
TG: i dont know why i believe anything you say im like the grand marshal of gross chumpage
TG: waving around my faggoty chumpductor baton
TG: assitant director of chumpography
TG: celebrated author ernest chumpingway
TG: wait weak
TG: chumpelstiltskin
TG: uh
TG: chumpeldipshit
TG: yeah
TG: youre asleep y/n?
TG: a/s/l?
TG: s = species
TG: baboon?
TG: kangaroo rat?
TG: if kangaroo rat yiff twice plz
TG: ok well youre not saying anything so i guess whether youre nonawake or unasleep or whatever youre just not around and im wasting good material
TG: even worse im wasting a killer fursona here
TG: like
TG: i dont know like a wide open v shaped leotard and a fuck ton of body paint
TG: some like sinewy back arching cirque du soleil looking motherfucker
TG: always low to the ground gettin a good prowl on
TG: like i dropped my keys in the dark
TG: nimblest son of a bitch who had the gumption to glue a nasty pair of latex cat lips to his face
TG: for a reason that wasnt a joke
TG: jade hey
TG: where are you
TG: seriously im sitting here tonight with a fucking bag of kibble jacked open on my lap and primed for goddamn bear
TG: and youre gone
TG: btw my name is Akwete Purrmusk
TG: hardest buttock in the jungle
TG: tempered steel
TG: hey yeah just wanted to give you this remix i finished
TG: here
turntechGodhead [TG] sent gardenGnostic [GG] file "explore remix.mp3"
TG: so yeah
TG: you dont have to respond to any of that btw
TG: ill probably forget half the shit i said anyway
TG: talk to you tomorrow

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