TT: It looks like you were in your father's room recently.
EB: yeah.
TT: And how did it make you feel to discover what was in there?
EB: oh no, i just realized!
EB: you are going to psycho-therapify me.
EB: well don't bother!
TT: Maybe I am just being a friend?
EB: maybe...
EB: anyway i guess you saw what's in there, it's boring and there's not much to even see.
TT: That doesn't matter.
TT: What matters is how seeing it affected you.
TT: I think it clearly has in some way.
EB: well...
EB: i don't know, at first i was nervous to go in and find more of his weird clowns, because of course they are stupid and i hate them a lot.
EB: but then when i didn't see any, it was weird.
EB: i felt weirdly, like... disappointed almost.
TT: Is it fair to say this changed your perception of your father?
EB: yeah, i guess.
TT: Is it such a stretch to conclude it changed your perception of other things as well?
EB: uh no, maybe not.
EB: but what are you getting at?
EB: it sounds like you're saying i'm crazy!

> John: Alchemize.