John: Alchemize.

TT: I don't like to use the word "crazy".
EB: oh god.
EB: see?? this is therapy bullshit!
TT: That was a joke.
TT: But anyway, whether it means you are crazy or not, consider this theory:
TT: Your presumably longstanding tendency for scrawling this imagery is really your subconsious trying to express something disturbing within you.
TT: Possibly something from your past, which you have blocked out.
TT: And since you have supressed it, your conscious self cannot acknowledge the drawings, therefore they have been invisible until now.
EB: why now?
TT: Perhaps because you have seen evidence that conflicts with the worldview your subconscious has constructed to obfuscate the truth.
TT: That your dad is not necessarily the clown-loving maniac you thought he was.
TT: All along, this negative attribute buried in your psyche may have been projected on to him, and subsequently reviled, as a sort of defense mechanism.
EB: but this is absurd, my dad LOVES these shitty clowns.
EB: he's got all these statues and paintings EVERYWHERE.
TT: Is it unthinkable that over the years it was he who believed you were the one with a passion for clowns? Because of the all the strange drawings in your room?
TT: A father then embraces a son's hobby to establish a stronger bond.
TT: Or wages a campaign of passive-aggresive mockery of your interests.
TT: Either is plausible. I don't know your dad that well.
EB: i dunno.
EB: not sure about all this.
EB: but i think we need to stop and acknowledge the bunny sassacre fedora i just made.
TT: It's awesome.
EB: yeah.

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