EB: wow, what are you doing by the way?
EB: rose, sorry to say but this is all looking kind of silly!
TT: I'm trying to spread the upward construction around so there is a more substantial foundation for later on.
TT: But I'm starting to wonder if it will be strong enough.
TT: It's kind of starting to wobble a little.
TT: I don't think brick chimneys were meant to serve this architectural purpose.
EB: yeah no shit!
TT: I might have to adopt a different building strategy.
TT: Stick to more load-bearing walls, and blockier shapes, especially since grist has been easier to come by lately.
EB: ok, but you really must be running low on time by now, right?
TT: Right.

> [S] Jade: Dream up extra arms and play advanced bass solo.