Dave: Pester Rose.

-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] --

TG: hey
TG: will you open your laptop already
TG: see
TG: this is why you need a phone or something
TG: that alerts you to important messages
TG: instead of leaving them trapped
TG: under three inches of fucking yarn
TG: laptops dont need cozies
TG: nothing needs cozies
TG: cozy is a goddamn adjective
TG: maybe ill crochet myself an iphone snuggly
TG: what is this place anyway
TG: what are you doing
TG: i can see your whole damn house here if you want to get filled in or something im sort of the guy with the big picture here
TG: dont make me bop you on the head with a wizard
TG: ill do it
TG: ok no i wont
TG: yet
TG: i guess ill bone up on the faq for a while
TG: so i dont do anything stupid and deploy like 10 crux flangers and fuck up the whole game
TG: oh my god
TG: so many words
TG: do you think like the pulitzer committee is secretly scouring the dregs of the gamefaq archives or something
TG: damn
TG: i cant read this shit im sorry

-- gardenGnostic [GG] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG] --

GG: yo yooooooo!!!!!!!
TG: whoa ok hey
GG: so youre finally playing the game with rose?
TG: yeah
TG: but she wont answer me
GG: shes probably just exploring im sure she will come around soon....
GG: but its great that you got her out of there in time!!!
TG: pretty much you have no idea how much i fuckin own at this game
TG: i bested no less than three flaming tornados and broke a huge wizard
GG: so how does it feel to be a BIG TIME HERO
GG: mister braveybrave mcheropants
TG: it feels like
TG: i am in sports
TG: all alone
TG: and i am the star
TG: its me
TG: and then the big man comes
GG: hehehe
GG: but it turns out to be CRAZY what kind of basket ball this man plays!
GG: ummmm......
GG: ok i forget how it goes
TG: no you got it
TG: we're good
TG: reference secured
GG: yes!!!!!!
GG: so now it is my turn to be the star!
GG: i will be your hero
GG: its me
TG: wait what
GG: i installed the game!
GG: im connecting to you as the server player
TG: oh man
TG: this is ridiculous
TG: i just set this shit up with rose and now i got to do like
TG: some double duty thing
TG: i mean i own at the game and all but cant i just relax for half a second
GG: dont worry!
GG: you can keep playing with rose while i just set up a few things
GG: i figured id get a good head start to avoid all the drama you guys are always getting into
GG: such a bunch of drama queens!!!
TG: what
TG: look i was getting my ass handed to me by my bro on the roof for like an hour and a half
TG: i got served like a dude on butler island
TG: wait does this mean theres a big meteor coming soon
GG: yes!
TG: when you activate the thing will it start the countdown and summon the meteor
GG: itll come when it comes regardless of what we do
GG: the timer really just lets you know when its coming
TG: are you totally sure about all this
GG: yes look here it is!
GG: http://bit.ly/d7kXrQ
TG: ok yes that image is definitely conclusive proof of something and is 100% understandable by anyone who looks at it
TG: how big is this thing
TG: like the size of rhode island or texas or what
TG: i need some context to know how much crap i should be shitting into my pants
GG: ok i dont actually know :(
TG: well as if like one the size of a bus wouldnt kill me anyway
GG: hehe yeah....
TG: wait hold on rose is finally opening her stupid laptop
TG: so do your thing i guess
TG: have fun
GG: thanks i will! <3

> John: Answer troll.