Rose: Answer Dave.

TG: im building up your house
TG: by the way why do you live in this weird compound
TG: do you host east european industrial raves
TG: nevermind the point is
TG: im out of grist
TG: so if youre done whipping that ogre like a rented mule
TG: maybe you could convert it into a grist windfall
TT: Right now?
TT: The spoils would sink.
TG: i dont know beach the thing first i guess
TG: unless you were planning on sailing that ogre down the mississippi with a runaway slave
TT: And then what?
TG: what do you mean
TG: you kill it
TG: release a shitload of grist
TG: maybe take one of your needles and puncture the base of its skull
TG: does it even have a skull
TG: or a brain stem
TG: can you find out
TT: That sounds malicious.
TG: what
TG: but you just rigged the thing with an oedipal harness and rode its torso like a log flume ride down a magical rainbow
TT: That was self defense.
TT: Murdering a wounded behemoth in its sleep strikes me as unseemly.
TG: this is bullshit its an unfeeling monster who gives a fuck
TT: Maybe you could replicate a pillow I could use to smother it.
TT: Make it a clean hit.
TT: I would use one of mine but they've all mysteriously gone missing.
TG: wow fuck ok
TG: you can either kill it for the loot or wait a couple hours for gristtorrent to steal more of johns
TG: but then again ill be pretty busy in a couple hours so make up your mind
TT: Does John know we've been sapping his grist yet?
TG: no but hes still got a ton so screw him
TT: Hold on, someone's messaging me.
TG: yeah me too

> Dave: Answer troll.