ROSE: Is that all you have to say?
JASPERSPRITE: Purr purr purr.
ROSE: I thought you were supposed to be more helpful after your resurrection.
ROSE: Like a ghostly spirit guide. Wise, if frustratingly cryptic.
JASPERSPRITE: Purrrrrrrrrr.
ROSE: Actually, cryptic behavior would be welcome at this point.
ROSE: This is just inane.
ROSE: Should I report to the others that my Kernelsprite is a Lolcat?
ROSE: Maybe Dave can take some screen captures and overlay some poorly spelled captions.
ROSE: Assuming he hasn't already.
ROSE: What are you doing there, by the way?
ROSE: Oh. So you can talk.
JASPERSPRITE: But sadly there are no fish i think.
JASPERSPRITE: They were all eaten by the Denizen!
ROSE: Who?
JASPERSPRITE: It ate everything in the ocean and got so full that it took a long nap.
JASPERSPRITE: No there is surely not a single living thing left!
JASPERSPRITE: Which is too bad because im pretty hungry.
ROSE: I think there might be some tuna in the cabinets.
JASPERSPRITE: Oh good idea i will look there!
ROSE: Jaspers, the message you gave me years ago before you disappeared...
ROSE: What did you mean?
ROSE: Sigh...
ROSE: I don't understand.
ROSE: Is there some meaning to these responses, or are you just being obstinate?
JASPERSPRITE: You will understand when you wake up!
ROSE: Am I asleep?
JASPERSPRITE: Rose im just a cat and i dont know much but i know that youre important and also you are what some people around here call the Seer of Light.
JASPERSPRITE: And you dont know what that means but you will see its all tied together!
JASPERSPRITE: All the life in the ocean and all the shiny rain and the songs in your head and the letters they make.
JASPERSPRITE: A beam of light i think is like a drop of rain or a long piece of yarn that dances around when you play with it and make it look enticing!
JASPERSPRITE: And the way that it shakes is the same as what makes notes in a song!
JASPERSPRITE: And a song i think can be written down as letters.
JASPERSPRITE: So if you play the right song and it makes all the right letters then those letters could be all the letters that make life possible.
JASPERSPRITE: So all you have to do is wake up and learn to play the rain!
JASPERSPRITE: Does that make sense rose sorry i disappeared for so long.
ROSE: Sort of.
ROSE: It sounds like you aren't exactly in complete command of this information yourself, so I won't press you on it for now.
ROSE: You're a pretty good cat, Jaspers. I missed you.
JASPERSPRITE: Purr purr purrrrrrrr.

> Rose: Pester Jade.