Rose: Pester Jade.

TT: I spoke with Jaspers.
TT: I didn't understand what he told me.
TT: He said I'll understand once I "wake up".
TT: For some reason this made me think of you.
GG: hehehe......
GG: yeah i bet hes right!
TT: We wouldn't happen to be talking about awakening in a sort of breezy, philosophical sense, would we?
TT: Is my dead cat concerned with my enlightenment? Should I prepare to shed this coil of ignorance and suffering?
GG: wow no i dont think so...
GG: hes being a bit more literal than that!
GG: what did he say?
TT: I doubt I could reproduce the statements with fidelity.
TT: It was like listening to a five year-old describe a dream.
TT: The content manages to take a back seat to the simple heartwarming spectacle of the moment.
GG: :)
GG: well what he meant was.....
GG: that you have a dream self
GG: who is supposed to wake up whenever your real self goes to sleep
GG: we all do! all four of us i mean
GG: but see your dream self still stays asleep when you go to sleep
GG: because you havent woken up yet!
TT: I think I get it.
TT: I take it your "dream self" is wide awake when you sleep?
GG: yes
TT: And would I be out of line in additionally presuming this has been the case for many years, at least as long as I've known you?
GG: no you would not be out of line!
GG: in fact im asleep now
TT: That was to be my next wild presumption.
GG: :p
TT: So when I wake up, can I look forward to being able to message people in my sleep too?
GG: no only i can do that!
GG: because of my robot
TT: Oh, right.
TT: I forgot about your robot.
TT: My short term recall seems to eschew the profoundly ridiculous.
GG: you guys can probably make your own i guess......
GG: but you need to wake up first for it to matter and maybe by the time that happens you might not even need them!!!
TT: I'm not sure if necessity is a concept I'd associate with such a contraption even under some of the more obscure scenarios imaginable.
TT: But good to know I guess.
TT: Here's another question, which I'm sure will look stupid once I've finished typing it.
TT: If my dream self is asleep, does that mean she's dreaming, and if she is, who's dreaming the dream, her or me?
GG: um.......
GG: ok well i dont really know how to answer the second part but yeah shes dreaming!
GG: shes most likely lying in your bed troubled and restless
GG: about things burdening her
GG: which is to say you!!!!!
GG: things about who you really are and what your purpose is
GG: but you cant start figuring those things out yet because youre not awake because youre not ready yet
GG: thats why you have such terrible dreams all the time rose!
TT: Ok. How do I wake up?
GG: im sure it would help to start piecing together the clues to nudge your subconscious
GG: or maybe face some things you havent faced yet?
GG: i dunno! its for you to find out
GG: maybe the stuff you wrote on your walls can give you a clue?
TT: What stuff?
GG: the....
GG: er
GG: didnt dave tell you?
TT: Tell me what?
GG: ._.
TT: Are you saying he said I defaced the walls of my room?
TT: While not appearing to be cognizant of the scrawlings?
TT: Like John?
TT: I really hope that's not what you're saying.
TT: It might freak me out.
GG: he said he was going to tell you <_<;
TT: Hold on.

> Rose: Pester Dave.