John: Answer Dave.

-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] --

TG: wow ok
TG: youre a little early
TG: but thats fine i guess
TG: also you suck at rockets
TG: what
EB: she tricked me again.
TG: who
EB: she told me how to get to the 2nd gate.
EB: so i went through, but it took me to rose's house instead.
EB: another prank!
TG: dude you did go through the second gate
TG: i mean i dont know why you would listen to her again
TG: kind of moronic but thats a whole other issue
TG: she didnt trick you this time
EB: oh...
EB: then, i don't really get this.
TG: what were you expecting
TG: this is how it works
TG: the progression of gates is like this whole round robin thing
TG: cycling through each planet
TG: gate 2 on your planet leads to gate 2 on roses
TG: then you build up to gate 3 above her house which leads somewhere else on her planet
TG: you look for gate 4 somewhere there
TG: which leads to gate 4 above my house
TG: and so on
EB: wow, ok.
TG: ordinarily rose would have already gone through her gate 1
TG: but shes sleeping pretty hard obviously
TG: and ordinarily you wouldnt have gone through gate 2 until her house was built up
TG: so you wouldnt fall to your death
TG: but you got your cheat rocket so thats fine
TG: see we all got to coordinate on this thing
EB: ok...
EB: how do you know all this?
TG: fuck
TG: come on dude
EB: oh yeah...
EB: you're the orange dave.
EB: hey no offense, but do you think i could talk to the real dave for a second?
TG: god dammit
TG: i am the real dave
TG: you know the one who saved your life
TG: im more real actually cause ive been through some heavy shit already hopping around on red hot gears and i-beams for like a year
TG: and grinding shit out for your ungrateful ass
TG: here look check out this code from the future not that you deserve it WIin189Q
TG: youre fucking welcome
EB: wow, calm down!
EB: i'm sorry, that's not really what i meant...
EB: i mean, of course you're a real dave, but what i mean is...
EB: the dave from my time is also my friend, and i guess he's in the same boat i'm in, not knowing stuff and all.
EB: and i'd feel bad keeping him out of the loop!

-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] --

TG: yo
EB: oh, hey.
EB: i think i pissed off your future self.
TG: what did you do
EB: i said he wasn't the real dave.
TG: ahahahahaha
EB: i think i might have really hurt his feelings though!
TG: pff
TG: dont worry about it
EB: why not?
TG: cause i wouldnt give a shit
TG: and hes me
EB: ok.
EB: i'm in rose's room by the way.
TG: what
TG: really
EB: yeah, but she's asleep!
TG: ok
TG: dont go anywhere
TG: im coming down to the computer
EB: ok.

TG: dave is here he wants to use the computer
TG: probably to help you scope out roses room and snoop and stuff
TG: i mean thats what i would have done
TG: if you were alive
TG: so im gonna go
TG: use these flappy ghost wings and tear shit up in space or something
EB: sure!
EB: hey dave...
TG: what
EB: in case i forgot to say so before...
EB: thanks for saving my life!
TG: yeah

-- turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering ectoBiologist [EB] --

> John: Snoop.