John: Snoop.

TG: ok i dont know what youre doing here
TG: but i think we can both agree that youve got to rummage through as much of her shit as possible before she wakes up
EB: man, i don't know how i feel about that!
EB: i don't really like the idea of capering around her room while she's asleep, it feels weird.
EB: i'm going to wake her up.
TG: dude no come on
TG: shes out like a light anyway
TG: it was some like weird future thing that happened that made her sleep
EB: a future thing?
TG: yeah
TG: shit doesnt get more clear than that
EB: well, yeah, she won't wake up.
EB: so i guess so.
EB: but i'm not snooping!!!
TG: fine dont
TG: but here just do this one thing
TG: see those two notebooks on the floor behind you
EB: yeah.
EB: they look sorta like journals.
EB: i don't think i should read those!
TG: you dont have to read them im not telling you to
TG: what kind of prying tool do you take me for
TG: just pick them up
TG: you know like tidy up a bit since you made a royal fucking dump of her room just now
EB: uh, ok.

> John: Pick up books.