John: Answer troll.

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling tentacleTherapist [TT] --

GA: Im Supposed To Antagonize A Few Members Of Your Trivial Species
GA: I Have To Start Somewhere
GA: And Somewhen
GA: So I Am Starting With You
GA: And Now
GA: Its Going To Be Pointless And Unpleasant
GA: Mostly For Me
GA: Actually You Know What
GA: Im Not Really Feeling This At All
GA: Goodbye
TT: she's not here right now, she's asleep!
TT: but ok, see you.
GA: Is This
GA: Your Human Sarcasm That Ive Heard About
GA: That You Always Use
GA: And That Is Basically A Terrible Way To Communicate
TT: umm... no?
GA: I Thought That Was The Thing You Did
GA: The Rose Human Specifically
TT: oh, yeah.
TT: that's me! i am the rose human. look at me, i am so smart with all these snooty words and complicated things to say.
TT: i am the queen of books.
GA: Okay These Are Definitely Insincere Statements
GA: Why Do You Work So Hard At Being So Awful
TT: fffuuhhhhhhhh
TT: i'm so burned, these burns are crazy.
TT: can we just cut to the chase and be friends already??
TT: these cat and mouse games are so dumb, you know we're just going to all be friends at some point anyway.
GA: Have We Spoken Before
TT: i don't know, uh, maybe???
TT: it's hard to keep track with all your time nonsense.
GA: Now That I Think About It It Is Pretty Conceivable That I Will Talk To You Again In The Past After This Conversation
TT: that's because you guys always do things the hard way.
TT: and the dumb way.
GA: I Should Figure Out How The Viewport Feature Of This Application Works
GA: So I Can See What Such A Primitive Creature Looks Like
TT: haha, well i know what you guys look like.
TT: you look kind of like...
TT: howie mandel from little monsters.
TT: even though, to be perfectly frank, he was kind of a big monster.
TT: because he was a big goofy adult.
TT: and fred savage was like his child prankster sidekick.
GA: Is This An Adversary You Have Encountered On Your Quest
TT: no, it's a movie.
TT: you should ask john about it, because he thinks it's awesome, which it is.
GA: It Seems You Put Stock In Johns Assessment Of Things
GA: Even Really Uninteresting Things That Are Pretty Terrible To Listen To
GA: He Is Either The Leader Of Your Party Or You Hold Whatever The Human Equivalent Of Mating Fondness For Him Is
TT: yeah, i got him this really cool bunny for his birthday, and it's really nicely knitted and everything.
TT: because i am basically in love with him, you are right.
GA: Uh Okay
TT: heh, just kidding. i'm sure john knows it's cause i am really thoughtful and i bet he really appreciates the present, and would say thank you if he were here!
GA: Okay Human Courtship Is Definitely A Strange Thing And Its Sort Of Blowing My Mind Listening To This
GA: I Think Ill Talk To Someone Else Now
TT: why don't you talk to john?
GA: Maybe
GA: When Along His Timeline Would You Recommend Communicating With Him
TT: oh man, i don't know.
TT: why don't you pick the time that will make the most complicated mess out of everything imaginable?
TT: you know that's what you're gonna do anyway.
GA: Considering That Youre Obviously Not That Smart
GA: And Basically Understand Whipping Bugwinged Fuckall About Even The Most Elementary Temporal Mechanics
GA: I Am A Bit Perplexed As To Why I Find Myself So Vehemently Fondling The Short End Of The Antagonism Stick Here
GA: Kind Of Irritating
GA: Im Going To Talk To Your Comrades
GA: This John Human
GA: And Figure Out Whats Going On
TT: ok.
TT: if you talk to him in the past...
TT: he'll understand even less buggywhipped fuckall about time, and he'll be confused.
TT: so maybe paste something from this conversation to him? i don't know.
TT: and if you talk to him in the future...
TT: he'll probably know all this stuff, like things you've said to him but haven't said yet!
TT: and then you'll be confused.
TT: sorry, that's just how this works.
TT: don't say i didn't warn you!
GA: Consider Me Fully Briefed On The Matter.
GA: Until Next Time Rose
GA: Next Time In The Past
TT: yeah, bye!
TT: (heheheheheheh)

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] ceased trolling tentacleTherapist [TT] --

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