grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA]

GA: If Youre Not Too Busy Still Setting Up The Network
GA: Perhaps You Could Come Show Me How To Activate The Viewport
TA: ii am iin fact two bu2y 2tiill 2ettiing iit up.
TA: whoa HERE2 an iidea.
TA: pre22 F1.
GA: My Keyboard Is Missing The F1 Key
TA: liie2.
TA: dont bother me iim not iin the mood.
TA: iif ii 2ee one more 2narl of wiire2.
TA: kiind of juttiing out and beiing tangled or whatever.
TA: ii am goiing two perform 2ome 2ort of athletiic fuckiing 2omer2ault off the deep end and get a call from the pre2iident or 2ome 2hiit.
TA: 2o go away.
GA: You Used To Like To Talk More
GA: If I Recall I Was Typically The One Who Would Solicit Reprieves From Your Nonsense
GA: So I Dont Know What Happened
TA: that wa2 before ii knew we were all goiing two diie.
TA: and no one beliieved me.
TA: and now look at you all.
TA: all beliieviing me 2uddenly HMM UNCANNY.
GA: Then Why Are You Doing This
GA: Setting Up These Stations For Us
TA: two get you all off my bulge about iit.
TA: but ii wont troll any of them per2onally no way.
TA: kiind of juveniile.
TA: but you guys go knock your 2elve2 out ok.
TA: 2ee the menu up top?
TA: fiiddle around wiith that tiil you open the viiewport.
GA: I Did Fiddle With It
GA: To No Avail
TA: iif you cant fiigure 2hiit out by fuckiing around you dont belong near computer2.
TA: kiind of liike wiith regii2tered 2ex offender2 and 2chool2.
TA: iif you move two a new town you have two go up two your neiighbor2 door and warn them about how 2tupiid you are.
TA: and giive them a chance two hiide all theiir iinnocent technology.
TA: and vandaliize your hou2e.

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