Dave: Pester.

TG: whoa why are you burning your wizard fanfiction
TT: I'm not.
TT: This book contains a genetic code.
TG: oh ok
TG: then why are you burning that
TT: The gods from the Furthest Ring asked me to.
TG: is that some dumb wizard thing you just made up
TG: or something to do with tentacle monsters
TG: i cant keep track of what you like anymore
TT: How did you know I wrote a story about wizards, anyway?
TG: john told me
TG: he was all snoopin around your room while you were asleep and i was like no man dont
TG: so not cool
TG: then he was like haha dude check it out this book is full of wizard slash
TG: and i was like i dont even want to know this is such a crazy violation of privacy
TT: This story sounds suspicious.
TG: do you want me to chew him out about it i will because that was so outrageous i dont know where he got off being like that
TT: No, I don't actually mind.
TT: Too bad I missed him.
TG: i thought you hated wizards
TG: whats the deal with that
TT: I like wizards.
TT: What I don't like is my mother's obsession with feigning interest in them to antagonize me.
TG: oh man thats so messed up
TG: that you think that
TG: she probably digs wizards for real just like you and youre blowing shit out of proportion like pretty much always
TG: you and she could probably have been chatting up how awesome wizards were this whole time but no
TG: youre probably burning your nutjob meow book to spite her too arent you
TT: No, I told you.
TT: It's one of the gene sequences locked in my subconcious.
TT: The gods say it's critical to destroy it.
TG: oh yeah
TG: i thought that was a joke
TG: when did they say that
TT: When I was asleep.
TG: you mean when we were dancing and stuff in our dreams
TT: Yes.
TT: When I flew to your tower, I heard them.
TT: They're far above, in the dark sky.
TG: ive never seen or heard these things in my dreams
TT: Aren't you often distracted?
TT: By music and puppets?
TG: uh yeah
TT: Have you ever looked into the sky without your shades?
TG: no what a ridiculous question
TT: Maybe you should try it some time.
TG: ....
TT: You're the prince of the moon.
TG: ........
TT: I'm sure they've been meaning to seek a royal audience.
TG: ..........................
TT: What do all these dots mean.........
TG: dunno
TG: anyway yeah i guess ill do that
TG: get some sky monsters to boss me around sounds cool

> Davesprite: Also pester.