Davesprite: Also pester.

TG: so really why are you burning that
TT: I just explained this to Other Dave.
TT: Do I have to explain everything to you twice now?
TG: no i know
TG: im using daves spare computer i saw the whole conversation through his pesterchum account
TT: Oh, I see.
TT: So instead of having to double explain, I merely have to put up with being double spied upon.
TT: What a relief!
TG: i just mean
TG: you didnt burn that book in the future
TG: that book was completely pointless
TT: I know.
TT: But now it's not.
TT: You appeared to make it relevant by traveling to the past.
TG: so does that mean the sleeping thing worked
TG: you remember the future
TT: I remember some things.
TG: ok cool
TG: so why is the cat code so terrible now
TT: I don't know.
TT: But the gods were pretty emphatic about it.
TG: well ok i guess its done but why are you so sure theyre right
TT: Have you ever known them to be wrong?
TG: i guess not
TG: but they sort of freak me out
TG: i mean listening to gross space mutants all day isnt my idea of an awesome time
TG: especially the ones that sing oh god
TT: Is that why you always kept the music turned up?
TG: no i flip out to ill jams because they kick ass
TG: obviously
TT: I guess we'll chalk another riddle up in the solved column.
TG: yeah case the fuck closed

TG: are you talking to future me
TT: Yes.
TG: ok im out of the loop again
TG: between you taking orders from dream beasts and bird wing me with like
TG: future secrets
TG: im doing some sort of spectacular fucking jackknife off the loop and getting a wink and a nod from barack obana
TG: im coming upstairs
TT: Ok.

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