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CT: D --> Have I ever told you what a reprehensible disgrace you are
TC: hAhA, fUcK yEaH, oNlY eVeRy MoThErFuCkIn DaY bRo!
CT: D --> I'm not in a very good mood
CT: D --> There are a few things I'd like to get off my chest
TC: MoThErFuCkIn SpIlL iT, dOn'T bE aLl KeEpIn ThAt ShIt BoTtLeD uP
TC: lIkE a FuCkIn AlL sHaKeD uP bOtTlE oF fAyGo.
TC: FuCk DoGg I'm ThIrStY.
TC: i'M dOwN tO mY lAsT bOtTlE aNd I dOn'T fUcKiN kNoW iF i CaN gEt AnYmOrE iN tHiS mOtHeRfUcKiN mAgIc LaNd So I dOn'T kNoW.
CT: D --> What you do appear to know is e%actly how to ma%imize my livid contempt for you
CT: D --> With your revolting language and your sense of decorum
CT: D --> At such breathtaking odds with the richness and perfe%ion of your b100d
CT: D --> I just hate you so much
TC: ThAt'S cOoL, i CaN't AlL bE mAkInG nOt EvErYbOdY hApPy AlL tHe TiMe.
TC: iF wE eVeR mEt I cOuLd BaKe YoU a FuCkIn PiE aNd We CoUlD cHiLl AnD mAyBe We'D bE bEtTeR bRoS tHaT wAy.
CT: D --> And the degrees to which you pollute your precious b100d
CT: D --> With your bottled fizzy sugar and soporific to%ins
CT: D --> Maddening
CT: D --> You will stop
TC: WhOaAaA, i WiLl?
TC: hOw Do YoU kNoW tHaT?
CT: D --> No, you don't understand
CT: D --> It's not a predi%ion, it's an order
CT: D --> I command you to stop
TC: Oh, AlRiGhT bRoThEr.
TC: yOu MoThErFuCkIn GoT iT.
CT: D --> What
CT: D --> Are you serious
TC: yEaH.
TC: I mEaN, yOu GoT tO sHoW sOmE fAiTh In YoUr FrIeNdS, cAuSe ThEy'Re AlL tHe OnEs WhO'rE bEiNg To LoOk OuT fOr YoU.
TC: sO fUcK iF yOu SaY i'M nOt DoInG tHe ShIt RiGhT, tHeN wHaT tHe MoThErFuCk Do I kNoW!
CT: D --> No
CT: D --> This is una%eptable
CT: D --> Ok, let's start over
CT: D --> I apologize
CT: D --> I was completely out of of line, and I'm sorry
CT: D --> I have no right to talk to you like that, or tell you what you can't do
TC: aWw, No WoRrIeS!
CT: D --> It's not my place
CT: D --> Your habits notwithstanding, I am lesser than you
CT: D --> An inferior
TC: hAhAhA. oK.
CT: D --> Don't you understand that you're better than me
CT: D --> Can you please act like it
CT: D --> That's not a command, it's just a polite request I guess
TC: oK, i CaN tRy, BuT mAn I dOn'T kNoW iF i KnOw HoW tO bE lIkE a BeTtEr MoThErFuCkEr ThAn AnY oThEr MoThErFuCkEr.
CT: D --> 100k, it isn't that difficult
CT: D --> Try to be cognizant of your desires and needs
CT: D --> And attempt to regard those around you as simple vehicles meant to bring about your gratification
TC: WoW, wHaT?
CT: D --> What are you doing
TC: uHhHhHh.
CT: D --> Right now
CT: D --> It sounds as if you have begun playing with the red team
CT: D --> Is this true
TC: yEaH!
TC: fUcK yEaH. i'M aLl Up In ThE fUcKiN sHiT oF tHiS wIcKeD mYsTiCaL mOtHeRfUcKeR.
TC: i BoNkEd An ImP oN tHe HeAd WiTh A cLuB.
TC: AnD tHeN a LiTtLe LaTeR i ScArEd OnE wItH a HoRn.
TC: :o)
CT: D --> Good
CT: D --> This is very good
CT: D --> It really pleases me to hear tales of physical subjugation
CT: D --> I presume these were lesser beings, toiling in the lower ranks of some hierarchy
TC: wElL yEaH, tHeY'rE uNdErLiNgS.
TC: AnD tHeRe'S SoMe SuBjUgGlAtIoN iNvOlVeD fOr FuCkIn SuRe!
TC: bUt NoW wE kInD oF sEtTlEd DoWn AnD mE aNd ThE iMpS aRe ShArInG sOmE pIe
TC: tHeSe MoThErFuCkErS aRe PrEtTy DoPe AcTuAlLy, I lIkE tHeM.
CT: D --> Ok
CT: D --> It pleases me considerably less to hear things like that
CT: D --> But I've already stated I have no right to be disappointed by your conduct, so I will try to control myself
TC: aW sHiT bRo, I dOn'T wAnT tO bE aLl LiKe To DiSaPpOiNt YoU!
TC: WhAt CaN i Do To MaKe A bRoThEr FuCkIn ShApE hIs ShIt Up?
TC: iF i CoUlD mAkE yOu SmIlE iT'd Be ThE bEsT fUcKiN mIrAcLe I eVeR dId PaRt Of.
TC: hOnK hOnK hOnK! :o)
CT: D --> Hmm
CT: D --> Would it be too much to ask
CT: D --> For you to maybe
CT: D --> Boss me around a little
TC: UuUhHhHhH.
TC: yOu MeAn LiKe RoLe PlAyInG?
CT: D --> If it would help to couch it in those terms
CT: D --> Then yeah, I guess so
CT: D --> But not the especially juvenile kind
CT: D --> Let's keep it serious and professional
TC: i'Ll TrY, bUt I'm NoT mUcH fUcKiN aNy GoOd At It I tHiNk.
CT: D --> Just
CT: D --> Say anything
CT: D --> As long as it's authoritative
TC: oK.
TC: uH, hEy YoU, dOn'T gO nEaR tHe MoThErFuCkIn OcEaN, cAuSe I aLl ToLd YoU nOt To A bUnCh Of TiMeS!
TC: ShIt Is StRaIgHt Up DaNgErOuS, aNd I'm GeTtInG mY hArSh On AbOuT iT.
CT: D --> Hmm
CT: D --> Decent
CT: D --> I don't live near the ocean though, so it's hard to immerse myself in the scenario
TC: aLrIgHt, WeLl, WhAt ArEn'T yOu AlL nOt SuPpOsEd To Do?
TC: WhAt KiNd Of MiScHiEf Do YoU gEt YoUr BaD fUcKiN sElF uP tO?
CT: D --> I do so many bad things
CT: D --> Just awful things
CT: D --> I'm incredibly impudent and a superior needs to put me in my place
TC: uMmMm, Ok WeLl.
TC: DoN't Be DoIn AlL tHoSe BaD fUcKiN tHiNgS bRo!
CT: D --> Yes
CT: D --> Yes, that's good
CT: D --> Like that
TC: cUt ThAt ShIt OuT, i'M sO aLl MeAnInG tHiS! hAhAhA.
CT: D --> E%cellent
CT: D --> Now tell me this, highb100d
CT: D --> I've been roughhousing a little too hard lately
CT: D --> I've made a bit of a mess and anyone in a position of authority would surely be % about it
TC: Uh.
TC: %?
CT: D --> Cross
TC: oHhH.
CT: D --> What do you make of it
CT: D --> This wretched misbehavior
TC: fUcK mAn, I aM sO mOtHeRfUcKiN sAlTy AbOuT aLl ThAt BuSiNeSs YoU sAiD!
TC: FuUuUuCk, Im LiKe AlL mOvInG mY mOuTh AnD tHe WiCkEd NoIsE iS cOmInG oUt In ThE fRoNtIeSt WaY pOsSiBlE.
TC: aNd It'S gOiNg At YoUr DiReCtIoN, cAuSe ThAt'S tHe DiReCtIoN tO fUcKiN bE aNgRy At!
CT: D --> Yes
CT: D --> So good
CT: D --> I am presently whipped into a state of contrition
CT: D --> One befitting of our class disparity
CT: D --> But I'm starting to perspire again so it's best that we stop
CT: D --> Thank you for indulging me
TC: hAhA, nO pRoBlEm BrO.
TC: It'S cOoL wE cOuLd AlL uP aNd MoThErFuCkIn OpEn Up A lItTlE bIt WiTh EaCh OtHeR.
TC: lIkE bRoS.
TC: If ThErE's StUfF yOu WaNt To GeT oFf YoUr ChEsT dUdE, lIkE i SaId I'm FuCkIn HeRe FoR a MoThErFuCkEr.
TC: kInD oF lIkE a MiRaClE, hOw It'S aLwAyS tHeRe.
TC: It NeVeR gOeS aWaY, yOu KnOw?
CT: D --> No
CT: D --> But I comprehend the sentiment
CT: D --> I have lots of thoughts, but they're difficult to communicate
CT: D --> If you'll listen
TC: sUrE! :oD
CT: D --> Honestly I'm confused by the social order
TC: mAn, Me ToO. i DoN't KnOw WhAt Of FuCkIn WhAt CoLoR iS wHaT, sO i DoN't BoThEr WiTh ThInKiN oN tHaT mOtHeRfUcKeR.
CT: D --> See, that's what I mean
CT: D --> How is it possible for one of your distin%ion to be so ignorant
CT: D --> And loathesome
CT: D --> Whereas
CT: D --> A member of the most abject, verminous b100dline of all
CT: D --> Can conduct herself with such grace and possess nothing but admirable mannerisms
CT: D --> I find these striking ju%tapositions perple%ing, and I confess strangely into%icating
CT: D --> I wonder if I have gone mad
CT: D --> To form such a pact with her
TC: WoW, i GoT nO fUcKiN cLuE wHaT yOu'Re TaLkInG aBoUt
TC: wHo Is ShE?
CT: D --> I shouldn't be talking about this
CT: D --> You're the enemy

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