Vriska: Be in cahoots with Equius. Cahoooooooots.

arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling centaursTesticle [CT]

AG: Equiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuus.
CT: D --> What
AG: Hey! I'm a8out to meddle with so many losers right now.
CT: D --> How many
AG: So many! All the losers. All of them.
CT: D --> Good
CT: D --> Use your cunning and venom to make them envy our nobility
AG: Oh man, was that sarcasm? That sounded like sarcasm!
CT: D --> No
CT: D --> Humorous insincerity is for pedantic wigglers
AG: Pshhhhhhhh, I know! I know you never make jokes. I was the one 8eing sarcastic, you stooge!
AG: I was 8eing sarcastic a8out you 8eing sarcastic. Duh.
CT: D --> That's because you're a little worse than me
AG: The fuck I am! Anyway. Hey!
AG: Did you finish Aradia's present yet? I'm a8out to fuss with her and I want to know if I can keep my promise or if you're gonna make a liar out of me.
CT: D --> It's finished
CT: D --> I'll deliver it shortly
AG: Great! Thanks, 8uddy. I'll 8e w8ting here for you.
CT: D --> I'm happy to help
CT: D --> But I don't understand why you're intent on gratifying that worthless peasant
AG: 8ecause I promised I would and it's none of your damn 8usiness! Man.
AG: Quit your prying! Always fidgeting and poking and prying.
CT: D --> Fine
CT: D --> Then let's proceed with the plan in a curt and professional manner
AG: Agreeeeeeeed.
AG: So just to review!
AG: We will let Aradia perpetr8 her cute little ploy on Sollux and usurp his power.
CT: D --> Yes
AG: Isn't it funny when these chumps try to get all tactical and underhanded? It's really adora8le!
CT: D --> I guess it is pretty quaint
AG: Anyway. She makes her little powergra8, and that's when we 8oth step in and usurp her as co-leaders.
AG: Right????????
CT: D --> That's the plan
AG: Ok, good. Then the 8est team will 8e led 8y the two highest 8loods, the way it should 8e!
AG: Or at least, the highest 8loods who aren't shitty clown worshippers or under water freaks. Sound good?
CT: D --> Yes, we're in absolute agreement
AG: Yes.
CT: D --> Yes
AG: Yes.
CT: D --> Yes
AG: Yeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!
CT: D --> Stop
AG: Gr8! What a gr8 team we are.
AG: Heeeeeeeey........
AG: You wouldn't 8e planning anything sneaky, would you????????
CT: D --> No, don't be absurd
CT: D --> Are you
AG: What! How could you suggest such a thing! Man, so insulting.
CT: D --> Ok
AG: Perfect. We have the perfect plan, and no one is plotting any sort of dou8lecrossings or 8acksta88ery or anything like that.
CT: D --> There are no %%ings up my sleeve
CT: D --> Also, I don't have sleeves
CT: D --> I am as transparent as can be, and my word is my bond
AG: I know! Don't worry, dude. I trust you completely.
CT: D --> You know
CT: D --> I can feel you trying to read my mind
AG: 8ullshit!
AG: Pro8a8ly just another one of your many daily rage aneurysms.
AG: Why don't you cool your jets and have a glass of gross muscle8east milk????????
CT: D --> Get out of my head, it's making me angry
CT: D --> Try to remember who built your arm for you
AG: Oh g8d!
AG: D8n't you d8re!!!!!!!!

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