Equius: Let her know the deal.

centaursTesticle [CT] began trolling apocalypseArisen [AA]

CT: D --> Aradia, here's the deal
CT: D --> Now that the game has begun, the plan will be modified slightly
CT: D --> We will not be co-leaders of the b100 team
CT: D --> I alone will be the leader
CT: D --> Is that understood
AA: thats fine
CT: D --> Good
CT: D --> Wait
CT: D --> You have no objection
CT: D --> Are you sure
AA: n0
AA: im 0k with it
CT: D --> Do you typically embrace such a passive attitude when your superiors give you orders
AA: i d0nt usually receive 0rders fr0m superi0rs 0r 0therwise
AA: but really its fine
CT: D --> Hmm
AA: what
CT: D --> I think I should get a towel
CT: D --> I'm perspiring heavily again
AA: why
AA: whats wr0ng
CT: D --> Never mind
CT: D --> I'm trying to stay professional about this
AA: ab0ut what
AA: what are y0u talking ab0ut
CT: D --> Forget it
CT: D --> It's just pleasant to consort with one of lesser breeding who clearly understands her place
AA: ive underst00d f0r s0me time that this will be my r0le
AA: t0 functi0n as y0ur server player
AA: and that y0u w0uld be the team leader as the first in the chain
CT: D --> Perfect
CT: D --> Then we are on the same page
CT: D --> I 100k forward to seeing how well you serve me, server player
AA: uh
AA: thats n0t quite the meaning 0f the w0rd server
CT: D --> What do you mean
AA: as y0ur server i manipulate y0ur envir0nment t0 help y0u advance
CT: D --> I don't understand
CT: D --> Are you
CT: D --> Are you saying
CT: D --> That
CT: D --> You are in a position of control over me
AA: i supp0se s0
CT: D --> Oh
AA: what
CT: D --> Oh my God
AA: 0_0
CT: D --> This is
CT: D --> Impropriety of a caliber I cannot even
CT: D --> It's
CT: D --> You are as low on the hemosprectrum as possible
CT: D --> To consider that someone so low could be in a position of authority over me is
CT: D --> It's just so
CT: D --> Disgusting
AA: y0u really are quite a sn0b
CT: D --> No it's
AA: 0_0
CT: D --> I need some air
CT: D --> Or some cold milk
CT: D --> Or a towel, I need a towel
CT: D --> Where the fuck are all my fresh towels
CT: D --> I mean
CT: D --> Fiddlesticks, please pardon my language
CT: D --> It won't happen again
AA: y0u l00k really agitated
AA: are y0u sure y0ure alright

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