CT: D --> I'm fine
CT: D --> I'll be fine
CT: D --> I just need to breathe
CT: D --> And to break something possibly
AA: break s0mething
CT: D --> Yes
CT: D --> It helps me rela%
AA: 0h
AA: i think i understand
CT: D --> Do you
AA: i like breaking things
AA: i didnt used t0 but n0w i d0
AA: its fun
AA: um
AA: hell0
AA: are y0u sure y0ure 0k
CT: D --> Yes
AA: y0u really d0 l00k like y0ure sweating pretty hard
CT: D --> I just need a blasted towel
CT: D --> Where ever did that Aurthour get off to
AA: maybe y0u sh0uld break s0mething
AA: t0 try t0 calm d0wn
CT: D --> Perhaps
AA: d0 y0u want me t0 break s0mething
CT: D --> Whoa what
AA: i c0uld break s0mething if y0u want
CT: D --> Do you
CT: D --> Want to break something
AA: kind 0f
CT: D --> I, uh
CT: D --> Ok

> ======>