CT: D --> I will make haste through this mysterious realm and find your gate
CT: D --> It will pose no challenge for me at all
AA: yeah i kn0w
CT: D --> I will then give you your new body, and you may take your rightful place as my subordinate
AA: sure
CT: D --> Actually
CT: D --> Now I'm beginning to wonder
AA: what
CT: D --> Whether I want you to be my subordinate
CT: D --> Hmm
CT: D --> I hope this doesn't sound too strange
AA: everything y0u say s0unds strange
CT: D --> Maybe I would like you to be the co-leader again
AA: 0k
CT: D --> In fact
CT: D --> Oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm entertaining this thought
CT: D --> It feels just vile
CT: D --> Try not to roll your eyes at me
AA: i d0nt have pupils
CT: D --> Would you mind terribly
CT: D --> Being the leader
AA: fine
CT: D --> But
CT: D --> Don't tell anyone
CT: D --> You will be the leader of me, and I will lead all else
CT: D --> You would in effect be the secret leader
AA: yeah sure
AA: thats pretty much h0w it is anyway
CT: D --> Yes, that's the spirit
CT: D --> You take to authority well for one of your b100d
AA: i d0nt have bl00d
CT: D --> Not yet
CT: D --> But soon your heart will beat anew, and through it, fresh b100d and fresh passion
AA: 0_0
AA: w0w uh
AA: can y0u just bring me the r0b0t already
CT: D --> On my way

centaursTesticle [CT] ceased trolling apocalypseArisen [AA]

AA: ribbit

> Equius: Proceed to second gate.