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FUTURE apocalypseArisen [FAA] 2:16 HOURS FROM NOW opened private transtimeline bulletin board r0ad t0 the und0ing.


FAA 2:16 HOURS FROM NOW opened memo on board r0ad t0 the und0ing.

FAA: this private b0ard will and has already served as a l0g 0f past events f0r future selves t0 rec0rd and a guide 0f future events f0r past selves t0 f0ll0w
FAA: i d0nt kn0w which half 0f its r0le has been 0r will be m0re imp0rtant
FAA: p0ssibly neither is critical since deviati0n fr0m the c0urse is m0stly imp0ssible and reflecti0n 0n its traversal is c0mpletely irrelevant
FAA: but im typing this anyway
FAA: because im b0red again
PAST apocalypseArisen [PAA] 601 HOURS AGO responded to memo.
PAA: and here i was thinking we were finished taking 0rders fr0m v0ices!
PAA: weve 0nly swapped the imperatives 0f the dead with th0se 0f 0ur future selves
PAA: wh0 are als0 dead
FAA: yes it seems that way
PAA: 0h well it was an enj0yable reprieve fr0m fatalism while it lasted
PAA: id nearly managed t0 sav0r it
FAA: an err0r narr0wly av0ided then
FAA: i think we sh0uld refrain fr0m dial0gue in this mem0
FAA: with0ut res0rting t0 bannings 0r absurd exchanges 0f self repudiati0n
PAA: yeah i agree
PAA: i just th0ught id interject that and g0
FAA: 0k

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