FAA: we will and have already amassed an army t0 c0nfr0nt the black king
FAA: an army c0nsisting 0f 0ur alternate future selves
FAA: each 0ne rer0uted fr0m a d00med 0ffsh00t 0f the alpha timeline
FAA: each given an0ther chance at a c0nstructive influence 0ver the ultimate 0utc0me
FAA: by the way if y0u didnt kn0w already
FAA: a future self returning t0 the past fr0m a d00med timeline will always be slated f0r imminent destructi0n herself
FAA: its 0ne 0f the rules
FAA: and the unf0rtunate reality is
FAA: this will and has already been a mass suicide missi0n
FAA: 0r it w0uld be
FAA: and already w0uld have been
FAA: if we all werent already dead
FAA: 0_0

> ======>