TT: Oh?
GA: Yeah
TT: Sorry to hear you were subjected to that.
GA: Why
TT: It was a little melodramatic in retrospect. Heavy-handed.
TT: But now it's stuck on that server forever, broadcasting the notes of very confused girl sifting through the aftermath of just another pedestrian apocalypse somewhere in paradox space.
TT: Have you ever written a message you regretted instantly upon sending?
GA: Lately
GA: Almost Perpetually
TT: That line included?
GA: Wow Yeah Kind Of
GA: Also
GA: That One
TT: I'm sure you must regard the walkthrough as pretty quaint.
TT: As a veteran of the game.
GA: Actually
GA: At The Time Of Reading It Lent Some Useful Insight
GA: Into The Nature Of The Game I Hadnt Yet Considered
GA: And
GA: The Author I Guess
TT: At the time?
TT: When exactly did you read it?
GA: Uh
GA: By The Way
GA: What Are You Doing Here
GA: Is This Part Of Your Ongoing Investigation

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