DAVESPRITE: oh looks like you got caledfwlch
DAVESPRITE: you found that pretty fast
DAVE: is that how you pronounce that
DAVESPRITE: yeah i guess so
DAVESPRITE: i think its welsh
DAVE: what are welsh things doing in this game
DAVESPRITE: thats an awesome question
DAVE: fuck yeah it is
DAVE: is this thing as pointless as i think it is or do i need it for something
DAVESPRITE: tactically yeah its a downgrade since its what i used to make caledscratch which is obviously way better
DAVE: yeah thats what i figured
DAVESPRITE: caledscratch cycles the sword through its own timeline to points when its broken or nonbroken or old and rusted or recently forged etc
DAVESPRITE: and your snoop snowcone swords probably even better than that so yeah you got options
DAVE: fuck it ill just power through the rest of the game with the SORD.....
DAVESPRITE: hahahaha
DAVESPRITE: with unreal air as a mount fit for a true artifact knight
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: goddamn jpeg hero
DAVE: right here
DAVESPRITE: did that shit ever land or what
DAVE: dude its long gone
DAVE: up in skaia now or something
DAVE: thrashing ill grinds on clouds
DAVESPRITE: top priority make more
DAVESPRITE: thats an order from your celestial fuckin spirit guide
DAVE: yeah you got it
DAVE: so why wasnt this legendary pos in the sylladex you gave me
DAVE: did you chuck it after you alchemized it
DAVE: should i just chuck it too
DAVESPRITE: it was stolen
DAVESPRITE: by one of hephaestus's minions
DAVE: hes the denizen right
DAVESPRITE: yeah lord of the forge
DAVE: isnt that like a greek god
DAVE: or roman or whatever
DAVE: what is greco roman shit doing in here you know what never mind
DAVESPRITE: yeah pretty much
DAVESPRITE: anyway he gets pissed off you broke it
DAVESPRITE: and he wants it back
DAVESPRITE: to do something important with it though not really sure what
DAVESPRITE: hes a pretty ornery dude
DAVESPRITE: kept raving about how he was waiting for the forge to come
DAVESPRITE: which he needs to complete his work
DAVESPRITE: but in my timeline the forge would never come
DAVESPRITE: so he was extra pissed off
DAVE: whats the forge
DAVE: huh
DAVE: you mean jades volcano
DAVE: so do you know this stuff cause youre from the future or cause youre a sprite
DAVESPRITE: theres all sorts of stuff i suddenly knew about the game when i became this orange feathery asshole
DAVE: so now youre like
DAVE: a wise feathery asshole
DAVESPRITE: i am fuckin filthy with wisdom its sick
DAVESPRITE: i mostly know stuff about your personal quest
DAVESPRITE: what used to be my quest but i guess i got to deal with not being alpha dave no more
DAVE: yeah i guess
DAVESPRITE: its all good
DAVESPRITE: anyway that sword
DAVESPRITE: its important to getting your shit figured out
DAVESPRITE: you were supposed to break it to get it out of the thing
DAVESPRITE: like another personal sort of mythological milestone you were supposed to clear
DAVE: really
DAVE: there was no other way to get it out
DAVE: thats kind of retarded
DAVESPRITE: well i dont know
DAVESPRITE: maybe if john was to try with his pure heart and shit it woulda popped out like a champagne cork and fuckin hero confetti woulda blasted him in the face
DAVESPRITE: we had to break it
DAVE: ok
DAVESPRITE: theres a lot more i know about your quest
DAVESPRITE: all tangled up in ridiculous riddles and bullshit enigmas
DAVESPRITE: and maybe its all a moot point anyway in this timeline who knows
DAVESPRITE: but i think ill spare you all that crap
DAVESPRITE: cause its kind of boring
DAVESPRITE: and youll find out anyway
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: that sounds about like something id do if i were you
DAVE: which i am
DAVE: so hey
DAVE: apparently im about to fall asleep

> ==>