DAVESPRITE: oh yeah why
DAVESPRITE: rose beckoning you again
DAVE: yeah probably
DAVE: anyway monsters will show up soon and try to eat my sleeping corpse
DAVESPRITE: yeah they werent too happy with my reckless indiana jones bullshit either
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: so thats where you come in
DAVESPRITE: i got your back dude dont worry
DAVE: ok
DAVE: guess ill make myself comfortable here
DAVESPRITE: when you wake up
DAVESPRITE: ill probably get going
DAVE: what do you mean
DAVESPRITE: ill just sort of
DAVESPRITE: release myself
DAVESPRITE: go do my own thing
DAVESPRITE: after this i dont think youll need me
DAVESPRITE: seems like youve got the stable time loop thing figured out already
DAVESPRITE: which means youll be alright
DAVESPRITE: future yous will get you out of trouble
DAVESPRITE: if youre gonna live up to the responsibility of eventually becoming them
DAVESPRITE: and by virtue of loop stability it sort of means you cant technically fuck up anymore
DAVESPRITE: but dont let that idea go to your head itll mess you up
DAVE: where will you go
DAVESPRITE: fly around
DAVESPRITE: up away to the sun like a fucknig piece of gargbage
DAVESPRITE: see if i can catch up with bro maybe
DAVESPRITE: elusive bastard
DAVE: oh yeah
DAVE: where do you think he is
DAVE: what happened to him in your timeline
DAVESPRITE: who knows
DAVESPRITE: i completely lost track of him
DAVESPRITE: in that timeline and this one
DAVESPRITE: the dude is fucking inscrutable we both know that
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: ok good luck with that
DAVESPRITE: thanks man

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