John: Look to your right.

TT: This will at least buy you some time.
TT: If you stay calm, and we work together, we can get you out of this.
TT: I'm practically an expert at escaping fires by now.
EB: ok, thank you rose.
EB: hey, how do you know these things anyway?
EB: can you see me somehow?
TT: Yes.
TT: I have a crystal ball.
EB: oh man, really?
TT: Yes.
EB: like a magic one?
TT: I think so.
EB: can it show you the future?
EB: is that how you know what's going to happen?
TT: No, it can only show me various locations in the present moment, as far as I can tell.
TT: My perception of the future has been informed by other sources.
EB: like what?
TT: Informants.
EB: durrrrr.
TT: Whispering gods, memories sifted from dreams, cryptic readings from unearthed talismans, conclusions drawn from riddles deciphered - every gambit you'd expect a quest to extend to an emerging seer.
TT: Just as I presume an heir would be supplied with what's needed for his maturation, assuming he's looking for it.
EB: oh... yeah.
EB: point taken. i guess i should be looking, huh?
TT: You should probably be doing what you're doing.
EB: okay, so...
EB: with what you've learned from your dreams and gods and magic and stuff...
EB: do you have it all mapped out now? do you know everything?
TT: I didn't know why you were asleep, did I?
EB: yeah, but...
EB: neither did i!
TT: I have more pedestrian sources too, you know.
TT: Sometimes trolls blither tidbits about the future, and I can't help but take note of it.
TT: Just as they do with you.
TT: You also have access to the oracle clouds in Skaia, whereas I do not.
EB: oh yeah.
TT: Knowing the future is no remarkable feat here.
TT: It appears to be a fact of life.
TT: I'm not all that special, John.
EB: ok, buuuuuut...
EB: i guess that's not all i'm talking about.
EB: you seem a little different.
EB: kind of, um... spooky?
TT: Really?
EB: i just mean that before, it felt like we were in this adventure together, figuring stuff out as we went along.
EB: and now you have all the answers! because of magic, and other mysterious reasons!
EB: and you want to use your powers to break the game, and i still don't really understand why, and...
EB: bluh.
TT: I'm not actually trying to caricaturize a grim sorcerer.
TT: There's still a perfectly intact piece of my mind which realizes how ridiculous it is to be flying across rainbow oceans with a couple of magic wands and a salamander in a little cowl.
TT: And it wasn't without swallowing a little embarrassment that I revealed I was using a crystal ball just now.
TT: It's all pretty absurd.
TT: And yet,
TT: It's been fun, and above all, practical.
TT: For solving our problems.
EB: ok, yeah, you're right.
EB: i guess i just started worryin'...
EB: that you are getting away from us!
EB: because you know everything, and you're magic, and you have a crystal ball, and a salamander, and you are basically a wizard.
EB: and that's cool, and it sure does sound fun...
EB: but i kinda think it was more fun when you just did things like read books, and tell jokes.
TT: I still read books and tell jokes.
TT: John,
TT: That was mean.
EB: sorry. :(

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