EB: well, if you do not have any objection...
EB: maybe later, i will drop by your planet again and rescue you, thus breaking the spooky spell put on you by your nefarious, shadowy masters.
TT: Swoon!
EB: that way you will stop being so grimdark and ominous, and basically completely off the deep end in every way, as is now painfully obvious to anyone with a brain.
TT: I will do by best to occupy myself as benignly and unmagically as possible until you show up.
EB: yes.
EB: please write some happy stories in your journal, about lively horses, and conspicuously not about wizards, or sadness.
TT: ... "Happy?"
TT: What is this strange, unsad emotion of which you speak?
EB: yes, this is good.
EB: you see rose, these are jokes.
EB: this are what they look like, do not be alarmed.
TT: Jokes?
TT: Are those the things people say when they want unusual noises to come out of the pliable crescent-shaped holes sometimes found in people's faces?
EB: laughs, rose. laaaughs.
EB: also, those crescenty looking holes where laughs come out of?
EB: those are smiles!
EB: observe... :D
TT: I need to make a note of this.
TT: Excuse me while I open this tome bound in the tanned, writhing flesh of a tortured hellscholar. The screaming will subside shortly.
EB: ok, i will wait patiently.
TT: Continue to not be alarmed as I record your advice with runes stroked in the black tears bled from the corruption-weary eyes of fifty thousand imaginary occultists.
TT: And then brace yourself for the fabled blackdeath trance of the woegothics I will slip into, while quaking in the bloodeldritch throes of the broodfester tongues.
EB: no, rose!
EB: that sort of nonsense is exactly what is out of the question!
EB: i see things are more urgent than i realized.
EB: i will have to venture there straightaway, and slap you right out of that silly old trance!
TT: One is not easily shaken from the broodfester tongues, John.
TT: They are stubborn throes.
EB: oh.
EB: well shit.
TT: Besides, you can't come to my planet right away.
TT: You will need to recover the treasure first, because it must be delivered to me.
EB: oh yeah.
EB: what is this treasure, anyway?
EB: and how's it gonna save us!
TT: You'd probably be disappointed if I described it.
EB: tell me anyway!
TT: Ok.
TT: It's called The Tumor.
EB: ...
EB: you're right, that is the shittiest sounding treasure i have ever heard.

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