EB: so what is this tumor supposed to do?
EB: and what is the significance of...
EB: removing it, i guess?
EB: does that mean im curing the battlefield or something?
EB: like the planet's doctor?
EB: hello?????
EB: rose?????????????
TT: Sorry.
TT: I was preoccupied.
EB: by what?
TT: Oh, let's say,
TT: Troll stuff.
TT: You know how it is.
EB: ????????????????????????????????
TT: Incidentally, looks like you will have your own troll stuff to attend to shortly.
EB: i will?
TT: Yes.
TT: Involving the one who hates you, and the one who likes you.
EB: um...
EB: which ones are those?
TT: You don't have a guess?
EB: uh... karkat and vriska?
EB: oh god, i was right. there they are now.
EB: how did you know?
TT: I have to go, John.
TT: Talk to your trolls.
TT: We'll catch up shortly.
EB: wait!!!
EB: there's stuff you didn't tell me!
EB: what happened with jade? did i mess anything up with the prototyping??
EB: aaaugh, why can't i remember!!!!!
EB: don't go yet rose, tell me!
EB: rose???????
-- tentacleTherapist [TT] ceased pestering ectoBiologist [EB] --

> John: Answer the one who hates you.