Jade: Answer.

cuttlefishCuller [CC] began trolling gardenGnostic [GG]

CC: Glub glub glub glub glub!
GG: oh.............
GG: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
CC: )(ey, take it easy!
CC: I'm not )(ere to give you a )(ard time like my buddies )(ave been.
GG: but youre a troll
GG: and thats what trolls do!
GG: even when they say they wont
GG: sometimes especially!!!!!!
CC: Ok t)(en, you can be t)(e judge of t)(at. I won't be long!
CC: I've just come to say a couple t)(ings.
CC: None of t)(is is really your fault!
CC: T)(is is swimmingly obvious to everyone )(ere w)(o takes a glubbing moment to t)(ink about it rationally.
CC: W)(ic)( isn't many of us! But still.
GG: ok.....
GG: even though i still have no idea what youre talking about
CC: I mean, your lusus jumped rig)(t in t)(ere to save you!
CC: Just like mine did.
CC: Well ok, mine was dead at t)(e time. 38(
CC: And s)(e just kind of...
CC: Kinda drifted down like fis)(food, and POW, GL'BGOLYBSPRIT-E.
CC: )(e)(e)(e)(e)(e)(e)(. S)(e was so funny.
GG: whats a lusus!!!!!
CC: It's a big ol' monster custodian you grow up wit)(!
CC: S)(-E-ES)(, )(ow freaking retarded do you )(ave to be not to know somet)(ing like t)(at?
CC: I'm joking, of course. 38)
GG: :\
CC: I wanted to glub somet)(ing -ELS-E to you well before you started playing.
CC: Just to get t)(e idea in your )(ead!
CC: I am Feferi, by t)(e way. Abdicated empress to be!
GG: ok feferi. what is it?
CC: Soon I will go to sleep and speak to t)(e gods.
CC: I will convince t)(em to establis)( a series of stable dream bubbles, w)(ere we can meet in our sleep!
GG: i dont understand
GG: whats a dream bubble?
CC: YOU'LL S-E----------E! 38D
GG: ugh
GG: feferi i thought you said you were going to stop using your typing quirk!
CC: Did I?
CC: When??
GG: i dont know... im sure i remember you said that
CC: )(mm.
CC: Jade, t)(is is t)(e first time we )(ave ever talked!
CC: Isn't it???
GG: oh
GG: yeah it is
GG: i dont know what i was thinking....
GG: i just had a major case of deja vu!
CC: W)(at's t)(at?
GG: i felt like we already had this conversation
GG: actually
GG: it still sort of feels that way
GG: its not going away :o
CC: Well, maybe we did!
CC: )(ey, by t)(e way.
CC: W)(at exactly are you doing t)(ere wit)( t)(at toy?
CC: You never did explain it to me!

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