Jade: Answer Dave.

-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering gardenGnostic [GG] --

TG: hey
TG: welcome to the medium finally i guess
GG: hey!!!!!
GG: last time i talked to you i was asking for help and you were just nakking at me
GG: what was up with that bro???
TG: ok i dont know what youre talking about it was probably just some horrorterror chirping at you during one of your nap bubble mindfucks
TG: its not the point i just wanted to say
TG: i just saw you
GG: you did?
TG: yeah
TG: you appeared for a second
TG: shooting at an imp
TG: then you disappeared
GG: ohhhhhhh
GG: yes, i did get around during that battle didnt i?
GG: it was really intense!!!
GG: those stupid things are impossible to kill :(
TG: no you can kill them
TG: youll get better dont worry
GG: in the heat of the fray i didnt notice you!
GG: where were you?
TG: three places
TG: i remember seeing you twice before in different locations
TG: but at the moment im standing in the middle of this snowy goddamn field freezing my shit off
TG: just wanted to see if you were cool
GG: yeah im fine, thanks for asking!
GG: what do you mean you remember seeing me?
GG: was i jumping through time or something?
TG: no i was
TG: this is future me
TG: one of the future mes that is
GG: youre from the future?
TG: yeah jade thats what future me means
GG: :p
GG: john told me you have been doing some time traveling
TG: yeah
GG: that is.....
GG: really really awesome!
TG: its ok
TG: hey its pretty fucking cold
GG: i knoooooow
GG: it is a really neat place but its freeeeezing :o
TG: so im gonna go some place warm be back in a while later
-- turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering gardenGnostic [GG] --
GG: wait!
GG: dave!!
GG: uuugh stupid lousy cool dudes
-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering gardenGnostic [GG] --
TG: ok im back
TG: an hour later
GG: an hour?
TG: an hour for me
TG: a second for you
TG: i ran around for an hour got my ass some place warm
TG: went back in time
TG: picked up where we left off
GG: :O
GG: i can not believe how cool that is
GG: this is me believing neither that, nor its coolness :O
TG: yeah
TG: i guess im sorta used to it by now i dont think of hours going by the same way anymore
TG: i mean
TG: they are my hours but not everyone elses theyre kind of like private hours all to myself
TG: while everyone else is sort of in slow motion stuck in the thick of the alpha
GG: hmmmm...
GG: i dont know if i get that but ok!
TG: well yeah
TG: my thing is time yours is space
TG: pretty different things
TG: you GET things about space i dont
TG: or you will
GG: i will?
TG: yup
GG: ok........
GG: but anyway youre right, its coooold!!!!!!
GG: i have to go back inside
GG: i wish i had winter clothes
GG: and if i did, i ALSO wish that my wardrobifier didnt blow up with all of my beautiful clothes inside it :C
GG: im so horribly unprepared for this.... i have never even seen snow before, can you believe that!!!
TG: pretty believable since you lived on guam or wherever the fuck
TG: and also inside an active volcano
GG: derp yes dave that is so where i lived
GG: that is as biographically accurate as it gets about me!
TG: well ive never seen it either now that i think about it
GG: no???
TG: no
GG: isnt it great?????
TG: nah
TG: lavas better
GG: lava is NOT better than snow :|
TG: yeah it is lava and skeletal skyscrapers all melting and shit how is that not way cooler than
TG: snow and
TG: like
TG: more snow
GG: you cant play in lava, its no fun
GG: you can only die in lava
TG: snows a big chilly carpet of nobody gives a shit
TG: like old man winter spread around his nasty mayonnaise and turned the landscape into his personal asshole sandwich
GG: eww dave no
TG: when i look around all i see is the miles of unharnessed snowmen im just too damn cool to build
GG: no this is so lame
GG: i am hearing an insane and stupid guy say stupid idiot things while wearing dumb sunglasses for lame morons!
TG: whoa jade with the fucking haymaker
TG: i need to go look for my teeth on the canvas as soon as shit stops spinning and there stops being like ten of you
GG: heheheh
GG: why dont we play in the snow later
GG: as soon as you get some....................................
TG: time
GG: ..............................
TG: time
GG: ...................
TG: time then shades
GG: ..........
TG: time
GG: ...............
TG: time/shades lets go
GG: .......
GG: ....
GG: ...
TG: oh my fucking god
GG: ..
GG: .
GG: time 8)
TG: im not gonna play in the snow
TG: maybe you missed those credentials i flashed which clearly stated me being too cool for that
TG: like federally too cool
TG: my coolness is named after a dead president plus his middle initial to make it sound extra legit
GG: i know youre joking around, you are not too cool at all, you dont even think that
TG: ok
GG: brrrrrr
TG: i thought you were going inside
GG: i forgot :\
TG: well at least make some damn clothes
TG: something warmer why dont you alchemize some shit
GG: i cant!!!
GG: all that stuff blew up
TG: blew up
GG: its a long story that involves a pinata and a gun and a very naughty doggie
TG: i completely understand everything about that practically entirely
GG: so anyway, that reminds me ive got to talk to john!
GG: ive got to get him to make me some new gizmos...
GG: assuming thats even possible
TG: no dont bother john

> ==>