TG: hes on like his fuckin
TG: wind mission or whatever
TG: getting all his ridiculous magic cyclone powers on and realizing his huge blowy destiny
TG: as the chump of shoosh
GG: john has magic cyclone powers?
TG: almost
GG: whoa....
GG: you guys are all so much better than me, i feel sooooo lame
TG: we all start out somewhere
TG: remember how i was scrambling up that tower to get that egg like an idiot
TG: what the hell was i doing
TG: i was like goddamn pooh bear in a tree reaching up his fat fuckin pooh paw for some mother fuckin honey
GG: heehee
TG: so even though im awesome now at one point i was plausibly likened to an autistic stuffed animal
TG: and you even knew what to do
TG: you told me how it worked all christopher robinning my ignorant ass about that egg
TG: so maybe youre startin out with more sense than me
GG: maaaybe
GG: :)
TG: in any case egbert lost his computer and game disc
TG: so he cant do anything for you anyways
GG: oh no
GG: did he lose it in a magic cyclone?
TG: probably some shit like thats what happened
TG: but youre not completely screwed
TG: we just have to think outside the box here
GG: we do?
TG: yeah honestly i figured wed have to do something like this
TG: so i guess here we are doing it
GG: doing what??
TG: well youre my server player remember
GG: yes
TG: i need you to deploy something first
TG: in my apartment
TG: in a few hours ill go back there and we can continue this
GG: oh jeez, a few hours????
-- turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering gardenGnostic [GG] --
-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering gardenGnostic [GG] --
TG: yeah
TG: as in a few seconds
TG: im back at my place now
GG: fastest hours :o
TG: yeah
TG: now
TG: deploy the intellibeam laserstation
GG: but that costs so much grist!!!
TG: no it costs practically nothing
TG: check out how much ive got
GG: omg...

> Jade: Deploy laserstation.