Dave: Eject disc.

TG: i guess some captchas are so incomprehensible cause the game thinks it would be too cheap to let you duplicate them
TG: like an anti piracy measure
TG: so the solution to the anti piracy measure is to override the anti spam measure
GG: anti spam?
TG: well yeah thats what captchas are for
TG: and theyre on the back of cards for a really good reason
TG: cause god knows the last thing youd want was some web bot being able to figure out the code for like
TG: a potted plant
TG: that would be fucking mayhem
GG: yeah obviously!
TG: but in order to effectively cheat here weve got to open pandoras spam box
TG: and release the laserstation into the world with its leering intellibeam
TG: now no captcha is safe youll have bots signing up for email accounts and duplicating potted plants and shit
GG: oh nooo
TG: basically robots are in control now
TG: which is good news and bad news
TG: the bad news is theyre all pornbots and theyve got LOADS of provocative material theyre just dying to share with us
GG: whats the good news?
TG: thats also the good news
GG: dave i still dont know what youre actually doing here
TG: whats it look like
TG: im duplicating my server disc

> Dave: Scan.