Dave: Scan.

GG: oh....
GG: to give it to john?
TG: nah i told you were not bothering john
TG: hes got shit to do
TG: ill just install it
GG: but...
GG: you are already roses server player!
GG: and john is mine!
GG: not to mention im yours!!!
GG: can you really be a server player to your own server player?
TG: dont see why not
TG: we have to get creative here
TG: this games already so far off the rails what else is there to do but improvise
GG: but i guess
GG: i thought that john sort of.....
GG: HAD to be my server? you know?
TG: well he was
TG: he got you in didnt he
TG: but now hes not
TG: been a change of plans
TG: time to roll with it

> Dave: Read code.