TT: It is set to detonate precisely when the reckoning ends.
TT: This is how long we have to put this plan into motion.
TG: what the hell is a bomb doing in there
TT: It could be a feature of any session not meant to bear fruit.
TT: A means to wipe out a null session rather than leaving it lingering in paradox space for eternity.
TT: Or it could be a mutation specific to our session.
TT: I really don't know.
TG: first time for everything i guess
TG: seriously whered you get all this info
TG: did you get it all from the gods
TG: are these just a bunch of orders youre following
TT: Not exactly.
TT: They've urged me in certain directions and guided my exploration.
TT: I've obtained some answers from them, but ultimately, this idea is mine.
TT: Plus, I have other sources.
TT: One in particular has been quite illuminating.
TG: what
TT: I've been referring to him as an informant, when people ask.
TT: Which isn't often.
TG: what you mean a troll
TT: No.
TT: It's a man who exists in another universe.
TT: He wants to die.
TG: sounds like a really credible dude sign me up for trusting everything he says
TT: Only as credible as the omniscient tend to be.
TG: oh so he knows everything
TT: Yeah, I think that's what omniscient means.
TT: But maybe I'll ask him about that, since he's the omniscient one.
TG: even if he is omniscient which he probably isnt what if hes just lying
TT: He says he doesn't lie.
TT: For some reason, I believe him about that.
TT: He's a convincing fellow.
TG: whys he want to die
TT: He no longer has a purpose now that he's done everything required to summon his master.
TT: As a first guardian, he's completely indestructible.
TT: Well, almost completely.
TG: wait
TG: what
TT: His power is derived from the same source as Earth's guardian.
TT: And conveniently, that of our nemesis as well.
TG: ok i get it now
TT: When John delivers the tumor,
TT: And I do mean The Tumor,
TT: I and I alone will navigate the Furthest Ring.
TT: And I will destroy the sun.
TT: By which I do mean the .
TT: And in case it wasn't clear,
TT: I won't be coming back.

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