Jade: Search for a new frog.

GG: ok, i will try this
GG: heheh, look at this handsome guy here, hiding in the woods and being sneaky
GG: he looks frozen solid too
GG: so if i go bother him later, that means if i try to take him now i will only get slime right???
GA: Yes That Should Work
GA: Make A Note Of The Coordinates
GA: When You Travel To Interact With Your Cloned Subjects You Are Also Taking The Opportunity To Explore And Discover New Habitats
GA: As Well As New Species Of Frogs For Your Terminal To Track
GA: Its Efficient To Go Adventuring In This Fashion While You Are Waiting For Your Young Clones To Mature
GG: that sounds like fun!!!!!!!
GA: Yes Its A Lot Of Fun
GA: It Is Also Extremely Time Consuming
GA: Unlike Some Appearifiers In The Veil This One Is Locked To The Present Moment
GA: You Cannot Use It As A Window Into The Future Or Past And Isolate Frogs Whose Futures Are Certain And Therefore Most Paradoxifiable
GA: Means Of Expedition Are Limited
GA: I Suppose You Could Use Time Travel To Accelerate The Process
GA: But You Would Need To Establish Weeks Worth Of Stable Time Loops
GA: I Think It Would Be An Overly Elaborate And Dangerous Undertaking Personally And Anyone Who Would Attempt Such A Thing Is Reckless
GA: I Wouldnt Advise It
GG: hmmmmm
GG: k hang on while i clone this fella.....

> Jade: Clone frog.