Jade: Give him a home.

GG: so i am supposed to wait for him to grow up, and then breed him with other frog paradox clones?
GA: Yes But This Isnt All There Is To The Cloning Process
GA: A True Paradox Clone Is An Exact Genetic Duplicate Of The Subject
GA: Later That Clone Will Be Sent Back In Time To Become Itself
GA: In Fact If It Is An Exact Duplicate This Is Guaranteed To Happen
GA: This Is What Classifies It As A Paradox Clone
GA: Any Duplicate Which Genetically Deviates From The Original Is Not
GA: It Is Simply A Mutant
GA: And For Breeding Purposes Mutation Is Desirable
GA: Within Reason
GA: You May Adjust The Settings On The Equipment To Promote Genetic Anomalies
GA: But Its Very Delicate And You Can Go Too Far
GA: Responsibly Guiding The Evolution Of The Genetic Code During The Breeding Process Is Very Important
GA: In Fact It Is The Most Important Thing About This Of All
GG: it is?
GA: Yes
GG: huh...
GG: so what is the actual purpose of all this breeding?
GG: am i trying to make one really special frog with just the right genetic code or something?
GG: sort of like the ULTIMATE FROG :O
GA: Actually
GA: Yes
GA: Thats Exactly What Youre Doing
GG: oh!
GA: Your Objective Is To Breed The Genesis Frog

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