GG: really???
GA: I Dont Mean Hes The Universe You Are From
GA: We Engineered That Incarnation
GA: He Is The Universe That You Are Trying To Create
GG: yes i got that!
GA: Sorry
GA: I Thought It Was Obvious But Then Wasnt Sure
GG: you mean he is LITERALLY a universe?
GA: Yes Literally
GA: That Statement Was As Literal As You Can Possibly Make Words Be
GA: I Know Your Species Is Frequently Insincere For A Variety Of Reasons
GG: but your species is too!
GG: especially karkat, he is incredibly sarcastic
GA: Thats True But When We Do It Its Usually Just Because We Are Trying To Be Jerks
GA: Rather Than By Way Of A Mild Manner Perpetually Dispatching Little Puzzles Of Rhetoric Without Apparent Purpose
GG: but i dont do that!
GG: i try to say what i mean as much as i can
GA: Yeah I Think Ive Been Discerning That
GA: Its A Nice Change Of Pace
GG: from what?
GA: Oh Its Not Important
GG: haha, you mean from rose?
GA: Well
GA: Not That It Wasnt An Enjoyable Exercise In Xenocultural Inculcation
GG: yeah, rose and dave are like that all the time!
GG: they inculcate that stuff like crazy
GG: so you have been talking to her a lot i guess?
GA: Sort Of
GG: are you best friends now??
GA: I Guess As Mutually Friendly As The Time Has Permitted Two People To Be
GA: I Wont Be Speaking To Her Anymore Though
GG: why?
GG: oh yeah, because you said she is blacked out?
GG: what the heck does that mean!
GA: It Just Means In A Few Moments From Your Perspective I Wont Be Able To See Her Through My Viewport Or Talk To Her
GA: I Dont Know Why Exactly But Its Not That Hard To Guess
GA: She Has Been Relying On The Powers And Counsel Of Dark Gods And Other Sources Of Ambiguous Intent
GA: And She Has Consequently Devised A Plan Which Sounds Very Dangerous To Me
GG: yeah, i didnt like the sound of her plan either!
GA: You Are More Sensible
GA: Its Probably The Influence Skaia Has Had On You
GA: Having Spent Much Of Your Life Awake On Prospit
GA: Like Me
GG: you did???????
GA: If Were Alike In Some Ways Maybe Its Because Of This
GG: yeah! :D
GA: I Woke Up A Long Time Ago
GA: I Had Trouble Sleeping When I Was Young
GA: The Sunlight Was Unnaturally Invigorating To Me I Guess
GA: My Lusus Could Do Nothing To Help
GA: And When I Was Supposed To Be In My Cocoon I Would Often Wander Out To The Desert
GA: Where One Day I Was Visited By A Stranger Who Dressed And Spoke In White
GA: He Put Me To Sleep And I Awoke On Prospit
GA: Where I Have Dreamed Ever Since
GA: He Said He Was My Guardian
GA: And Though He Visited Rarely I Did Regard Him As That
GA: Then Later He Stopped Coming
GA: In Time I Began To Believe He Was A Figment Of My Mind
GA: Like An Imaginary Friend To Give Me Reassurance When I Needed It
GA: But Then While Playing Our Game I Learned He Was Real
GA: He Had Spoken To Others From Our Party
GA: And Had Been Manipulating Us All To Advance His Schemes
GA: It Was Saddening To Learn My Fortuitous Awakening Had Been The Product Of A Nefarious Ploy
GA: Youre Lucky That Your Awakening Probably Had No Such Entanglements
GG: jeez, i hope not...
GA: But I Guess Its Only A Minor Contamination Of Something Otherwise Great
GA: I Was Allowed To See What Skaia Would Show Me
GA: And To Prepare For Dangers Ahead And Try To Protect People
GG: me too!!!!!
GG: wow kanaya i did not realize how much we had in common
GA: Youre Right We Do
GA: I Feel A Bit Silly That It Took Me So Long To Engage With The One Corresponding Closely With My Role
GA: It Must Be A Certain Madness Im Afflicted By
GA: To Orbit Those More Reckless And Dangerous Than I And More Daring For It
GA: I Guess I Want To Help Them But They Never Can Be Helped It Seems
GG: well, it sounds like helping people is something that is in your nature
GG: i can understand that
GG: are you saying rose is reckless and dangerous?
GA: Yes Definitely
GA: We Have Our Share Of Dangerous Players Who Seem To Do Nothing But Cause Problems
GA: I Believe She Is Yours
GA: And If Her Insane Plan Wasnt Alarming Enough
GA: She Has Been Communicating With The Stranger I Mentioned
GA: And Unsurprisingly She Has Not Been Forthright About The Nature Of Their Conversations
GG: you mean your guardian?
GA: Yes
GA: And Hes Not Merely A Guardian
GA: Im Very Sure He Is A First Guardian
GA: Like Your Lusus Was
GG: uh oh...
GG: im not sure why, but the sound of that makes me really nervous
GA: I Feel The Same Way About It
GA: The Involvement Of Any Such Entity Strikes Me As Quite Inauspicious
GA: Even When Seemingly Benign
GG: she didnt mention anything about this when we talked
GG: but then she seemed preoccupied
GA: She Was
GA: Youll Have A Chance To Determine More Soon
GA: After Which Hopefully You Can Tell Me
GG: yeah, i will!
GA: In The Meantime I Will Go
GA: I Would Like To Return To The Core To Situate This Orb
GA: It Seems You Have Your Own Orb To Care For Now
GG: lol yeah i guess so!
GG: ok, you can go do that, and i guess i will check on rose, but...
GG: theres still so much i want to know!
GG: i want to know more about stoking the forge and breeding the frogs, and about your time on prospit and all that!
GA: Okay I Will Definitely Help You As Much As I Can
GA: The Young Prospit Wakers Ought To Stick Together
GG: yes! <3
GA: Ill Message You Again In Your Future
GA: And You May Reply If You Have Cause To
GG: if i have cause to?
GG: oh!!!
GG: that reminds me, i was thinking of implementing a system to keep some of these confusing conversations simple and linear
GA: Does It By Any Chance Have To Do With Passwords
GG: yeah! i guess someone told you?
GA: Yes You
GA: You Delivered News Of The System By Demanding A Password From Me
GG: aaaaa you see??????
GG: you nearly just gave me the idea for the plan in the first place paradoxically from my own future self!!!
GG: i just find that kind of thing annoying for some reason, it doesnt feel right...
GG: i would rather ideas came from the place they actually came from
GA: Thats A Reasonable Attitude
GG: ok lets put the system in play starting now!
GG: i will give you a password, and you give it to me in the future when you want to pick up this conversation again
GA: Okay
GG: the password is...............
GG: it must be in all caps, and must contain precisely ten Os!
GA: Ten
GA: Im Counting Eleven
GG: whoops!
GG: eleven then :p
GA: The Password System Is Already Paying Overwhelming Dividends Of Ease And Rationality
GG: kanaya :o
GG: that sounded
GG: just a weeeeeee bit
GG: sarcastic ;D
GA: Oh
GA: Wow Yeah
GA: I Hope Im Not Falling Prey To A Crisis Of Sincerity
GG: you are just becoming multicultural, thats all
GG: i think i am learning to be more multicultural through karkat as well
GG: it mostly involves saying fuck a lot
GA: Oh No
GG: heheheheh, its ok, hes really not so bad
GA: Yeah I Know
GG: ok! go hatch that orb!
GG: i will be waiting
GA: Yes Ill Do That
GA: Bye Jade
GG: later!

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] ceased trolling gardenGnostic [GG] --

> [S] Kanaya: Return to the core.