John: Pester Jade.

-- ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering gardenGnostic [GG] --

EB: hey jade, are you there? i have a computer now.
EB: this boring guy keeps blinking at me though, and it's weird.
GG: john!!! :D
GG: wow, finally!
EB: hi!
EB: sorry i disappeared after you entered the game...
EB: but from what i have seen in the clouds, it doesn't look like you have had much trouble making progress!
GG: nope!
GG: dave was able to set up as my server player
GG: he is building up my house right now so that we can deploy some equipment up there
EB: oh, nice!
EB: dave is serving ALL the ladies, isn't he?
GG: yep!
EB: he is like a dude on butler island.
EB: i mean, a dude who happens to be one of the butlers...
EB: doing a lot of serving, to various ladies who are vacationing at this snooty resort.
EB: wait, i am fucking this up.
GG: :o
GG: thats ok, i wont tell him about it
EB: ok, good.
EB: all i am saying is, why can't i have a dave butler too?
GG: well, maybe you can.....
GG: i will try to put in a good word for you B)
EB: thank you.
EB: what is the equipment you're deploying?
GG: im not sure!
GG: something to do with cloning i guess? it serves some purpose in my quest as witch of space
GG: a nice troll named kanaya has been advising me on stuff about that
GG: have you talked to her?
EB: hmm... i don't think so. not recently anyway.
GG: you should!
GG: a bunch of trolls are not nearly as bad as i thought
GG: even karkat! he has been helping me too... sort of, hehe
EB: he has? but i thought he "hated" you!
GG: oh yeah, he said plenty of stuff like that, but i dont think he ever actually meant it
GG: flying off the handle is part is of his charm in a funny way, once you know that about him
EB: yes, this is what i have concluded about him as well.
EB: he is a pretty great guy. i am really looking forward to more of his outbursts, especially his first conversation with me, which i am to understand will be legendary.
EB: but we shouldn't tell him we said any of this, or he will be "furious"!
GG: heheheh
GG: shhhhhhhhh
EB: so what else have you been up to?
EB: we should try to catch up as much as possible!
GG: yeah!
GG: hmm what else... theres been so much going on, its been a little hard to keep track of it all!
GG: why dont you tell me what youve been up to first?
EB: oh man.
EB: you will never guess what i am doing right now.
EB: go ahead, try to guess, you will not succeed.
GG: ..............
GG: whoa :O
GG: john where did you get that nice flying car??????
EB: oh god dammit!

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