EB: how do you know!
EB: do you have rose's crystal ball?
GG: sort of!
GG: she gave me the code, and i made a cool pair of goggles with it
EB: argh, i am surrounded by real life witches!
EB: everyone i know is turning magic, it's ridiculous.
EB: including me! i'm magic now.
GG: it certainly seems so! what with your fancy magic car
GG: and your chauffeur familiar, i guess?
EB: no, he is neither a chauffeur, nor a familiar...
EB: he is just a new friend!
EB: also, this is not a magic car, it is an ordinary car.
EB: i found it in my dad's wallet.
GG: you did???
EB: yes, i just found his wallet on the ground.
EB: but my dad was nowhere to be found. :(
GG: :(
EB: the clouds led me to the wallet though, so maybe they will keep leading me to him?
GG: hmmmmm...
GG: maybe, but hang on let me try something
EB: ok.
EB: i have seen lots of interesting things in the clouds...
EB: i guess you used to see things like that all the time, right?
GG: yes!
GG: what have you seen?
EB: wow, uh...
EB: well, lots of things that were mysterious and didn't make much sense...
EB: but also lots of things i recognized.
EB: like stuff i have done before. and also stuff i will do in the future.
EB: and things that rose and dave have been up to...
EB: and you too!
GG: :O
GG: like what, what did you seeeee?
EB: well, i saw you on your island, and saw you sleeping in a floating bed, and...
EB: i saw your pretty snow planet...
EB: and i saw you with some frogs...
EB: have you found any frogs yet?
GG: frogs?
GG: no...
EB: well, i saw you once in a neat outfit...
EB: it was kind of like you were torn from the pages of my favorite japanese mangas.
EB: and the snow was melting.
EB: and you were surrounded by frogs for some reason!
EB: heh, now it sounds like i am describing a weird dream i had about you.
GG: sure does!
EB: which i guess is sorta true?? anyway, i guess that must not have happened yet.
GG: nope! but that sounds pretty interesting
GG: i wonder why i would be surrounded by frogs?
EB: dunno! but you are a witch, remember.
EB: witches LOVE frogs.
GG: hahaha thats true!
GG: i hope i am not planning on putting them in a cauldron or anything o_o
EB: i doubt it, it looked to me like a friendly gathering.
GG: whew!
EB: oh, and one time i saw a green version of you with pointy ears, and you were crying!
EB: did that happen yet?
GG: bluh. yes :|
GG: i prototyped my dead dream self and tried to get her to fight jack
GG: but it turned out to be a BIG MISTAKE
GG: god i cant believe how dumb that idea was, she was an emotional wreck
EB: oh no!
EB: what happened? where is she now?
GG: oh, she went off to cry somewhere else... good riddance!
EB: wow jade, you really have been up to a lot!
GG: hehe i guess so
EB: and i have just been staring at these dumb clouds for hours or whatever.
EB: i even saw my own dead body in a cloud!
GG: what!!!!!

> ==>