EB: so... what about jack?
AG: What a8out him?
EB: are you still planning on killing him?
AG: Hmmmmmmmm.
EB: that would be a constructive way to use your killer troll instincts, even by human standards.
EB: it is much better than killing friends.
AG: Yeah, you're right.
AG: And to tell you the truth, part of the reason I wanted to kill him was to protect them. It's not just a8out glory you know.
AG: 8ecause if I don't do it, then who will?
EB: well, we have a plan to defeat him too, so there's that.
AG: Yes, I know a8out your plan.
AG: I guess two plans are 8etter than one, right?
EB: yeah.
EB: so...
EB: will you go fight him then?
AG: Man, I don't know anymore.
AG: It's one reason I'm freaking out a8out this. A8out feeling 8ad a8out a simple, perfectly justifia8le killing.
AG: If I can't handle that, doesn't it mean I'm not as strong as I thought? What hope do I have against Jack if that's the case?
EB: for whatever it's worth coming from a human, feeling remorse doesn't make you weak!
EB: i bet you are still really strong.
EB: but then, i'm not sure if i actually want to encourage you to go off fighting him...
EB: because as strong as you probably are, it sounds like he is REALLY strong.
EB: and even though you killed tons of people, i think i would still be pretty sad if you died.
AG: Aw. ::::)
EB: so maybe you should just let us handle it? at least we won't fight him directly.
AG: I don't know. Even though I'm conflicted, it still feels like something I have to do.
AG: I admit, I'm pretty scared thinking a8out it.
AG: Not of him necessarily, 8ut of the fact that I apparently don't know myself as well as I 8elieved.
AG: What if I'm not as lucky as I thought?
AG: What if I do not in fact have ALLLLLLLL of the luck?
EB: well, maybe you don't?
EB: all of the luck sounds like an awful lot of luck to have.
AG: Exactly!
AG: 8ut then, if there is no chance of catching a 8ad 8r8k, then taking a risk doesn't even qualify as 8r8very, does it?
AG: It isn't even a risk, 8y definition!!!!!!!!
AG: So if this is going to mean anything, I guess I just have to find the strength from somewhere to go through with it.
AG: More than just the fakey strength that comes from turning a 8lind eye to all your flaws. You know what I mean?
EB: heh.
AG: Hmm........
EB: what?

> ==>