TG: where are we now
AA: oh look this was my hive!
AA: before it was destroyed
TG: oh so this is the trollplanet
TG: pretty cool not really what i pictured
AA: what did you picture
TG: i dont know its more subdued
TG: i pictured a lot more mayhem like
TG: a bunch of trolls flying around in little grub pods constantly screaming at each other through bullhorns shaped like buckets
AA: thats very silly and a little perverse
TG: hahaha
AA: but actually that sounds like what it might have been like on some parts of the planet sooo
TG: can we not go to those parts
AA: ill put in a good word with your bubble about it
TG: awesome
TG: so what am i supposed to do now that im dead
TG: what is like
TG: the primary activity here
TG: that ghosts get their shit worked up over
TG: like
TG: where are the fucking hauntoffs at is what im asking
AA: i dont know about hauntoffs
AA: but there is plenty of time to satisfy various curiosities you might have about existence and whatnot
TG: boring
AA: is it
TG: just kidding that sounds cool
AA: oh! yes
TG: what else
AA: there are all sorts of friends to meet
AA: ones you already know and ones you dont
AA: there is plenty of time for just about anything
AA: lots and lots of time
AA: enough time to understand that time isnt much of anything at all
TG: it isnt
AA: time is like a game
AA: just one fun game in realitys cupboard which is full of them
AA: its the one we are the best at!
AA: while other people are better at the other games
AA: but when all the games are back in the cupboard everyone is about the same
AA: and games are fun but sometimes you dont realize how much fun you were having until theyre all over
AA: and sometimes you look back and realize for some stupid reason you werent having any fun at all!
AA: then you laugh
TG: ha
TG: haha
TG: i bet you meant a laugh a whole lot less shitty than that
AA: that laugh will suffice
AA: hey!
AA: want to see inside my hive
TG: yeah sure
TG: well
TG: how about later
TG: not that that doesnt sound cool but i kind of want to just go home
TG: and i guess chill for a while cause i guess it was all a bit much
TG: if thats ok and i guess also possible
AA: it is quite possible and more than ok

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