AA: it is important because it will help us begin to understand why we are all here
TA: what d0 y0u mean why we are all here?
TA: y0u mean in the afterlife? that's easy.
TA: because she's asleep, she's dead, y0u're alive, and i'm blind, c0uldn't be simpler.
AA: no no
AA: not why we are in this bubble now
AA: but why we all exist in the first place and why we all went on this adventure together
TA: 0h, that.
AA: there is much to understand and i believe it all begins with one sequence of events
AA: watching will help those whove passed to understand the purpose of their sacrifice and those still living to understand what must be done to complete the journey still ahead
AA: we will let the memories lead the way
AA: are you guys ready?

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