TA: well, yeah, y0u kind 0f were, s0rt 0f a reuni0n 0f cl0se departed friends g0ing 0n here, but n0 big deal i guess.
GG: oh no!
GG: i can leave
AA: no dont!
AA: sollux try to be polite
AA: there is no reason at all for you to feel hostile toward them anymore
AA: jade is very nice and she did nothing wrong
AA: none of them did so when you wake up maybe you should try to reconcile with them or at the very least just say hello
TA: did Y0U?
AA: did i what
TA: be nice t0 them 0r whatever bef0re y0u expl0ded.
AA: well no
AA: but i should have!
AA: i did with you before i left didnt i
TA: i guess s0.
GG: :o
AA: this is awkward
AA: shush you!
AA: what actually happened after i died it sounds complicated
AA: it is!
AA: ill get you up to speed i promise but guys come on lets not scare away our guest
AA: ok then ill shut up
AA: i think one aradia saying things is more than enough probably
TA: y0u can say that again heheheheheh.
TA: but i mean, d0n't say it again literally, because that's kind 0f the wh0le p0int, and w0uld c0mpletely c0ntradi...
AA: oh my god shut up!
GG: its ok! i can take another nap later when you guys arent busy...
AA: no jade its ok
AA: please stay! im curious about why you are here
GG: well...
GG: i have just been enjoying these little naps more and more lately!
GG: each time i go to sleep i meet more new people and learn so much
GG: but i still cant get karkat to take a nap, boy talk about a guy who is anti nap!
TA: ahahahah, yeah, what a d0uche!
GG: seeeeeriously!
GG: he is the douchiest of crabby crabs who ever douched a big douchey crab
TA: l0l.
GG: but yeah, its been fun, i should really thank feferi again for setting it up so we could meet like this!
TA: wait, ff is here?
GG: yup!
TA: 0h g0d, why didn't that 0ccur t0 me, where is she??
GG: ummm probably in another bubble
GG: but youll find her! maybe during your next nap...
TA: well shit, why can't i just g0 glub ar0und 0ut there in the ring and find her n0w?
TA: i mean, aside fr0m the fact that i'm blind and c0mpletely useless.
AA: navigating between bubbles is difficult here
AA: its better to drift between them naturally as they intersect
AA: not spatially but through common points in memory
AA: to navigate the furthest ring you need to have mastered the flow of time!
AA: that is why i am here
AA: i am alive again so i may assist the dead in this way
TA: huh.
AA: jade tell me
AA: have you seen me here before? i mean me dressed like i am now wearing my godhood
GG: yeah!
GG: you were really nice and helpful
TA: wait, what, y0u're wearing a g0dh00d?
TA: why didn't y0u tell me that, what gives? 0r that y0u came back t0 life??
AA: im wearing a hood and have butterfly wings what else would you like to know
TA: man, being blind is dumb, can i like gr0pe y0u 0r s0mething t0 get up t0 date 0n y0ur appearance, w0uld that be weird?
AA: yes sollux that would probably be pretty weird
GG: i think your outfit looks so cute! i love your wings too
AA: thank you your outfit is quite spiffy too
AA: i like that skirt a lot especially
AA: is
AA: is that a skirt?
GG: i am not sure :o
TA: is what i w0uld be d0ing if that were p0ssible.
AA: shhh!
TA: aa c0me 0n y0u were making a p0int.
AA: yes ok
AA: you see those encounters you had with me before have not happened for me yet because ive only just arrived
AA: time follows strange paths here as does space
AA: if you travel a great enough distance you may discover you are also traveling either backwards or forwards in time as well!
AA: just as if you stay in one place for too long the geometry of space surrounding you will become unreliable
AA: you may swat the air to your left and discover you have just slapped yourself!
AA: the only way to make sense of it is to understand either property very well
AA: and since i am new here i have some learning to do just like everyone else
AA: but i do know one thing
GG: what!
AA: i knew that the first bubble i would enter would be an important one for us to visit
TA: what's s0 imp0rtant ab0ut it?
AA: hang on
AA: we are moving on to a new memory hold that thought

> ==>