AA: hey kanaya
AA: there is s0mething i want t0 give y0u
GA: Oh Really
AA: yes its s0mething very 0dd i f0und when i disc0vered the ruins the 0ther night
AA: i d0nt kn0w what its arche0l0gical significance is yet but i suspect y0u will be able t0 repair it!
GA: This Is A Dream Isnt It
AA: 0_0
AA: w0w!
AA: uh i mean
AA: o_o
AA: wow
AA: you figured that out very fast!
GA: It Seemed Obvious
GA: Either Im Sleeping Or Im Dead Which Is It
AA: oh i am sure you are alive
AA: you are unconscious now and will likely wake up as your new self very soon
GA: My New Self
AA: yes
AA: you are undergoing a metamorphosis which you have been groomed for since you were very young
AA: much like i was for my various personal iterations including this one
GA: You Mean
GA: Being A Ghost And Then A Frog And Then A Robot And Then A Fairy
AA: yes!
AA: but it sure sounds silly when you list them all like that
GA: Kind Of
GA: What Do You Mean We Have Been Groomed
AA: wellllll
AA: that is what we are about to find out!
AA: if you will oblige us by continuing with this memory
GA: Okay
GA: What Do I Do
AA: why dont we go through this conversation again to the best of our recollection
AA: but i guess rather than acting it out we can just talk about it
AA: the old fashioned way
GA: Was What We Were Attempting Before Not Old Fashioned
AA: i have no idea
GA: It Seems To Me The Nature Of The Afterlife Is Probably Very Old Fashioned
GA: Maybe Even The Most Old Fashioned A Thing Can Get
AA: haha yeah you know what i mean though
GA: Yes Then
GA: This Was When You Were About To Give Me That Unusual Gift From The Ruins
AA: yes
AA: i then had sollux deliver the pieces to you so you could stitch it back up
AA: sollux that is your cue!
AA: come out and play the part
TA: s0 we d0n't have t0 hide anym0re?
AA: no of course not!
AA: obviously the jig is up everyone can come out now
GG: yay!

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