GA: There Isnt Much To Say
GA: I Repaired The Doll And Made Him A Nice Outfit
GA: With A Far More Becoming Palette And Fit Than The Absurd Tatters He Was Found In
GA: I Thought At Least
AA: yes
GA: Uh
GA: Should There Be Anything Else To This Story
AA: not really!
GG: isnt that daves puppet?
AA: yes
GG: :\
TA: aw sthith, i guethth i'm 0utha here.
AA: bye sollux
TA: thee y0u lather eberyb0by.
GG: bye!
GA: Anyway That Is All I Can Remember
GA: I Quickly Began To Find The Doll Unnerving So I Put Him Away
GA: To My Knowledge He Has Remained Secure In My Block Ever Since
GA: Is He Relevant In Some Way
GG: guys why do you have daves puppet?
GG: what is going on here!
GA: Yes Aradia It Seems You Have Some Foreknowledge Of This Narrative Maybe You Can Tell Us Why Any Of This Is Important
AA: this is only a piece of the story
AA: the other pieces will fall into place with successive memories and it will all become clear
AA: but yes alright i will eliminate some suspense and try to serve as a better guide on this tour through the catacombs of our collective subconscious
AA: the separate tunnels we once traveled in the dark as individuals we now retrace together with a torch
AA: on the walls we illuminate the runes which describe a convoluted origin story
AA: an origin we participated in
AA: we were spurred to these actions by that which was being originated
AA: and incited to acts of revenge as we were turned against each other

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