You are situated near the game construct supplied by your session for causing the Scratch, yes?
TT: Are you actually asking?
That was a fact, and then a question mark.
TT: Ah.
TT: Well, yes, I am.
TT: It's a large plateau shaped like a record. It's called the Beat Mesa.
I know.
TT: Is the game construct different in other sessions?
It will always be an edifice of similarly cryptic design, located on the planet that is home to the Hero of Time.
Its environment dictates the nature of its construction. Its power is dangerous, and is meant to be utilized only in emergencies such as yours.
TT: You mean, in sessions where victory is no longer possible?
TT: Due to creating an unstoppable adversary? Who triggers the reckoning prematurely?
TT: Is that sort of emergency common?
Failure is common. But the composition of yours is quite atypical.
TT: Ok.
TT: Then, it's like a panic button for the players to push once they realize the cause is lost.
Yes, but causing the Scratch is not an easy task either.
The construct must be destroyed in a very specific way to release its energy.
The keeper of my ectobiological father began the process.
It must be finished.
TT: Who?
The guardian of the Knight of Time.
TT: Dave's bro?
TT: How do I finish it?
You don't.
Not you personally. Another will. You have something more important to attend to, remember?
TT: Oh, right.
TT: The Green...
TT: Wait.
TT: The .
TT: I'd planned to take care of that later, once John had retrieved the Tumor.
TT: Whatever.
Your plan will have to change.
You aren't ready to cause the Scratch yet.
Like I said, it's difficult.
TT: What will the one who does it have to do? I should let them know.
He will have to scratch the surface of the plateau across its full diameter.
TT: I see.
TT: This terminology can be very literal sometimes.
You will require a certain needle to create a breach in the surface that will be adequate.
TT: I have needles.
Your needles won't suffice.
TT: Then where do I get ones that will?
Again, you won't. This task is out of your hands.
The needles must be acquired from the denizen of the Witch of Space.
Her quills are very large and potent. They will be able to cause the Scratch.
TT: This really seems more elaborate than you lead me to believe.
I didn't lead you to believe anything.
I told you to find the construct and await advisement on the Scratch. The plans you were making were based on assumptions and fabrications of your imagination. You were writing more stories, much like those about your false magical men.
TT: I wish what I'd written in my private journals could be confined to your dark spots.
I don't. I find your stories entertaining.
TT: You're being creepy again.
No I'm not.
Besides, the White King agrees with me.
TT: What?
For a Seer, your vision of events surrounding you is rather limited. It's charming.
TT: Just,
TT: Please stop complimenting me.

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